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  1. Managing Yard walkers

    General Halloween
    So, I have been having more and more issues with people walking through the yard display to get pictures either with props or in my yard. If I had a section for that it's ok, and we will usually have one or two props easily accessible for this reason. However its getting worse over the years...
  2. Other: 2 FT Instant (Pop up?) Jack O Lantern Pumpkin - Adding and installing wired lights

    Halloween Props
    2 FT Instant Jack O Lantern Pumpkin. Alternative to pumpkin leaf bags if bunch of leaves are not falling down to fill them. Simple to setup. Hole on the bottom is big enough for a spot light or any light to light it up at night. I have V shaped stakes to keep it on the ground. If interested...
  3. Ideas for a sea witch costume?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I was thinking about being a sea witch for Halloween! I'll be handing out the candy on the porch. I purchased a decoration that has swampy moss-looking fabric with different sized skulls within it. Similar to this. So that's my starting point. A skeleton mermaid wouldn't be a bad idea to add to...
  4. Why do I keep getting kicked off?

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I just spent an hour writing a post about Trunk or Treating, only to find the forum kicked by off before I could post. Even though the post said it was saving all along, I couldn't find it once I logged back in. :mad: This isn't the first time this has happened. So, two questions: why the short...
  5. Oh hai!

    Member Introduction
    Hi everyone! Multi-year lurker, new poster. Live in MN. I spent 4 years working in an artsy touching allowed haunted house in Minneapolis, now switching to a corporate haunt that my husband has worked for 5 years as a scarer and has spent this year as a builder. Had a spooky wedding last...
  6. My Music Shares.

    Halloween Music
    I hope you all realize that i am sharing recordings here that are very rare. In most cases they are impossible to find anymore. I've spent over ten years collecting these recordings mostly off ebay. I learned about most of these recordings from the scar stuff blog. In 2005 i set about...
  7. My costume this year, what do you think?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    First post! It's great to be apart of a very popular Halloween community :) I splurged a bit this year and spent $700 on this costume so let me know what you think! (Sorry if the images are kinda big)
  8. Prop Showcase: Cabinet of Curiosities!

    Halloween Props
    ... or something like that. :rolleyes: As some of you may know, I've been redecorating my bedroom to better reflect my tastes, and in the process I've ended up with a mini-haunt. One of the things I really wanted was a curio cabinet for all my collectibles (read: items I spent more money on...