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  1. General Halloween
    I would love to start doing this. But I'm not sure what kind of projector I'll need. I don't want to spend a lot of money. Does anyone have any advice?
  2. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Any Ideas on homemade costumes? I'm running on a very tight budget and haven't been able to spend money on a costume for 2 kids.
  3. General Halloween
    I was outside working on my arch and it hit me I think I fix or make changes to it every year not to mention some of the other things I have although this year I think I did spend more time building so how much time to you figure you spend in this persute??
  4. Halloween Props
    Is it possible? I want to mount a skeleton to one, but they spin so slowly. Any suggestions?
  5. Halloween Props
    I have been looking at the animated/singing pumpkin animations that people use with their projectors. I have absolutely no experience with projectors and I'm not great with electronics (thankfully my husband is tech savvy and can figure things out)! I'm not looking to spend very much, I realize...