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  1. Halloween Props
    Hey guys i just happened to come across this site by accident and boy am i glad i did. this guy makes prop replica spell books from various tv and movie franchises one of them being the Necronomicon from the original evil dead. And you can download the pages and use them your self!! so awesome i...
  2. General Halloween
    Same pez as walgreens Same spellbook CVS carried last year
  3. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Before you get started remember this is an ARTISTIC endeavor! No amount of instructions will give you what I did. Enjoy the process and make it your own and you will succeed at your project. 1. Get a hard bound book! Big books look great but the important thing here is that it should be...
  4. Halloween Props
    It's just a bunch of hocus pocus.. Dollar Tree Foamboard base, homemade clay details, jute, ping pong ball, dry brush acrylic. :o
  5. Halloween Props
    hi, has anyone made their wn spell book? i have loads of spells found on the net that i can and want to use in it. the only problem i have is how to actually make it. i ahve seen 1 person uses the old phone book and just does the covers but i really want there to be spells inside. i can age...
  6. Halloween Props
    I was bored yesterday, so I decided to attempt to make the famous Sanderson Sisters' spellbook. I used a cardboard book shaped box from a craft store, baking clay, paint, a little glue, and a googly eye. Best afternoon ever! Here is what i finished with:
  7. Halloween Crafts
    This is a thread for everyone to post pictures (preferably) and maybe even a brief tutorial as how to create what they've made. I'm not a big prop builder so i normally stick to crafts, but i'm not even good at that, but hey. Theres pictures of the Skull Candle i made and just two pages of a...
1-7 of 7 Results