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  1. Mechanical: Asking for help on how to prevent motors from burning out

    Halloween Props
    I rely on so many of you to guide my prop builds, and this thread will be no different. This year two of my props had motors that failed, and I'm pretty sure it was our fault for asking them to do something they weren't meant to do. I'm hoping that with a bit of guidance, we can set them up...
  2. Electronic/Software: Motors

    Halloween Props
    Looking to do a Leering Skeleton prop and something else. I already invested in one wiper motor, 12 volt power and speed control. Looking to go a cheaper route for the second one. I read the cheap synchronous motors are good but get hot???? It will need to run for 4 hours straight. Would...
  3. Electronic/Software: Rising crucifix help.

    Halloween Props
    To get you up to speed, we are doing for the third time, a large haunted house for our town. We have an old cool looking "Depot". Used to be a place where trains dropped off products back in the day. We will have 7 evenly spaced "haunt rooms" Each room is 20 X 17 feet and will flow into each...
  4. Mechanical: Human Rotisserie

    Halloween Props
    So, I have my hot coals, and I have my skeleton, and I want to build a human sized rotisserie. I have seen a couple of them on here before, but I can't find them. Are there any good DIYs for a skeleton-sized rotisserie? The basic model in my head is scrap wood and PVC pipe (seems like it...
  5. Question regarding a motor for a flying crank ghost!

    Halloween Props
    Would a Dremel motor work for a flying crank ghost? It is a 2 speed and says the following on the label: 120 v. AC 50-60HZ. low speed .60A/Hi Speed1.15A. My first attempt with moving prop! I have not seen a Dremel named in any projects for FCG, and looking at all my old tools for a...
  6. Electronic/Software: Cheap Controllers for Props

    Halloween Props
    I don't have the big bucks to spend on picoboos and such, so I usually use arduino along with relay modules to get my creatures to do my bidding. Either that or I just let it run all night at the same boring speed do the same repetitious motion. I tried out a dc speed controller on my wiper...
  7. 120V throbbing light control circuit

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hi there. Anyone out there good with 120VAC and circuits? I want to use a standard size screw in light bulb socket A19? with a 40W incandescent or LED dimmable equivalent and make it fade up and down but not go off/on ...aka throb or pulse up and down... like I see all of the 5MM LED...
  8. Mechanical: Cauldron creep help

    Halloween Props
    I made a Cauldron Creep in 2016, my first attempt and it turned out well however the whole unit just kept moving some much and eventually the whole thing would tip over. I want to use it again for this year as it was such a hit but I don't want the whole thing to tip over again. I just want the...
  9. Mechanical: Skelly Swing

    Halloween Props
    Taking advantage of some great weather and already working on props for next year. Came up with a very simple design for a Skelly Swing using a wiper motor and PWM speed control. Dialed down the speed to about 22 rpm. The motor is mounted directly on the swing mech so everything is one assembly...
  10. Other: How to use treadmill motor?

    Halloween Props
    Ok, one more post tonight. I have a treadmill motor that I have had for a few years. I have had high hopes for it, but have never quite been able to get it to work like I want it to. What I have is the motor and the control panel. When I say control panel I mean the part of the treadmill...
  11. Mechanical: Thinking of building a spinning tunnel

    Halloween Props
    So, I am getting a very late start this year. Ours is a small haunt for one night only. Actually it is not that small, but for one night only. We setup on a hiking trail at a local campground, so it is about 1/4 mile long through the woods. We try to stay within one theme, instead of...
  12. Morbid Enterprises 2016

    General Halloween
    New catalog is up at the website. Depending upon your Internet speed, it may take some time to load. http://www.morbidenterprises.com/
  13. Monster Guts LOT! Nerve Center Prop Controller Pace Maker speed controller and motor!

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    NERVE CENTER IS SOLD. Monster Guts Pacemaker motor speed controller with 2 sets of motor leads. STILL AVAILABLE $100 obo 2 speed motor with mount and flywheel. STILL AVAILABLE $100 obo
  14. Need help connecting a speed controller to my wiper motor

    I bought a wiper motor and speed controller and power supply from Monsterguts but while there was some info about hooking up the power supply to the wiper motor, there were no instructions for connecting the speed controller between the two. Can someone give me a diagram of which pins to use on...
  15. Electronic/Software: motor speed control

    Halloween Props
    I am working on my cauldron creep and the wiper motor is too fast. I purchased a speed regulator and with it spliced into the computer charger I get no movement at any setting. The normal output of the charger is 5 V. The regulator is spliced in between the transformer and the motor. Any...
  16. Pneumatic: Solenoid/Muffler Question

    Halloween Props
    I was hooking up all of our pneumatic props tonight and I ran into an issue: On one of my props, with a four-bar lifter mechanism, I'm using speed control mufflers, from Fright Props, on both exhaust ports. On the B exhaust port, the one that exhausts the air on the prop's way back down...it...
  17. Electronic/Software: Can't find right motor? Use a PMW controller for you crank ghost, leering, ect

    Halloween Props
    I'm sure this has been addressed may times however still seeing posts about drying up source of low speed high torque motors figured I'll put in my 2 cents. Every one knows the many uses and availability of windshield wiper motors main problem they move to fast for many props. Being a General...