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  1. Static: Pumpkin Sentinels - 2018

    Halloween Props
    Hello Fellow Haunts! So this was my big project for last year. I added a back row to my archway as well, but I wanted to create something new and exciting! I built these two Jacko Sentinels to guard my back yard during the October season. They are built with a PVC frame and base. I used...
  2. Any Catholics here, perhaps silly question.

    Off-Topic Stuff
    My oldest is taking a music in religion course at the university. One of his assignments is to visit several services of various faiths and do a report on how they use music. Since he didn't want to go alone, I've been going with him. He wants to do Easter Vigil for his Catholic portion...
  3. Atmosphere Effects: Ghostly & Eerie Statue Halloween Prop

    Halloween Props
    Here is a fun special effects Halloween Prop that will add a lot of atmosphere to your haunt. You can find the "How-To" on my YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/nLSlRxu8Oxw
  4. A Little Bit About Me

    Member Introduction
    Hello Halloween Forum Members, Although I signed up last Halloween season, I have really not posted anything till just recently. I started building Halloween props and sets many years ago when I was in Jr. High and long before anything was available for purchase. The end result was that (back...
  5. Velociraptor prop 1:1 scale Jurassic park prop 275.00

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Velociraptor 1:1 scale Jurassic park style This is left over from a recent run I commissioned. It's already primed ready to go. Lifelike latex over foam Special deal here 275 includes shipping in the Us Please let me know if you have any questions
  6. Aluminum soldering flux. No US vendors?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I'm soldering longer leads to a gum stick, 40mm x 12mm x 4mm, lithium polymer, 3.7v battery, and I recently discovered that the leads coming out of the battery are aluminum, so in order to solder them, I need to be using a flux designed for aluminum. Okay, no problem so far. Online, I'm...
  7. help with decorative projectors - Christmas

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I want to use a projector to have a santa scene appear in the house window,or on a mosquito net hung outside.In both cases i want it to be viewable from inside. * So how would i go about projecting a decoration/scene onto the window so it could be viewed from inside ? * Could i do the same,but...
  8. Globalfear enterprise

    Merchant Reviews
    I had been looking at their full body costumes for a long time now, couple years ago, I missed their black Friday special.. when I asked, a few weeks past the deadline because their website still had the discounts, they said they couldn't do it.. SOOO all good, I waited another year, and last...
  9. Star Trek Movie Uniform

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I am a fat guy, and it's hard to come up with good Halloween costumes for someone my shape. This year my brother suggested a Star Trek movie uniform, as some of the cast members had put on some weight. I knew the Monster Maroon Uniform was beyond my skill level, but then Scotty's Costume from...
  10. HAUNTED RADIO: halloween, horror toys, golden corpse awards, pet sematary, and more!!

    Announcements / Press Releases
    This week on Haunted Radio, we are featuring news on Child's Play 2, Funko, Hot Topic, Pet Sematary, World War Z, McFarlane Toys, Halloween, George A. Romero, Freddy Krueger, The Conjuring 3, and more!! Then, we announce the full list of nominees that you can vote for in our annual Golden...
  11. Mapleton Manor Yard Haunt 2018

    General Halloween
    So I finally finished this years video of our Halloween Display. Go ahead and check out the link for it in my signature. Hope you all enjoy. I even put in a special Thank you to all the member here on Halloween Forum, without you I probably wouldn't have a Yard haunt as nice as it is. From...
  12. A Groovy Collection of Halloween Costumes & Masks - 15% DISCOUNT NOW!

    For Sale By Merchants
    GroovyThingsToBuy offers a unique selection of Halloween costumes, props & decor, one piece Halloween gear, Halloween masks, and children's clothing. Grab the Perfect Costume from www.GroovyThingsToBuy.com :)Our Halloween Sale is Up Now with 15% OFF on all products. :) Our Groovy Halloween...
  13. HAUNTED RADIO: hhn, ahs, slaughterhouse mi, mchc haunted garage sale, and more!!

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    This week on Haunted Radio, we are featuring news on Halloween Horror Nights, Motor City Haunt Club's Haunted Garage Sale, Fright Fest, Netherworld, Slaughterhouse and Grand River Corn Maze, Universal Monsters, American Horror Story, Addams Family, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Next Generation, and...
  14. Canadian Tire 2018

    General Halloween
    Canadian Tire has some new items. Nothing too special but it's still nice to see what they have
  15. [For Sale] ~10 ft reaper hanging static prop

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    This guy is advertised as being 12 ft but laid flat, I measured his fabric to be around 10 ft. Head is 2 ft in length and has a sturdy loop for hanging. He came with two left hands so he's a little special. Asking for $40 and pickup would be ideal since this is a large shipment. I'm around the...
  16. Total HomeFX -- Buy 2 Get 1 Free -- Video Downloads

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Last year picked up Total HomeFX video projectors from Home Depot like many of you. This will be the first year using them and decided to add some new ones to complement what came preloaded on my SD card. When I went to the Total HomeFX website to download two skeleton dancing videos for this...
  17. A child came to our door with a special request

    General Halloween
    We thought this was pretty funny. A very well mannered boy came to our house while I was at work and rang the doorbell. He was wondering when the rest of our Halloween decorations were going up. Now we already have a fair amount up but he was really interested in one particular item...
  18. Mechanical: Restless Tombstone Animated Prop

    Halloween Props
    I had some time this weekend to quickly make a new prop! I'm working really hard on something special to put in the center of the display this year fingers crossed I can finish it in time
  19. Home Depot - Sun 9/25 - Special Buy of the Day - 25 halloween items featured

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Some nice props and decor listed in today's Home Depot Special Buy of the Day section. Scroll down past the Shop Halloween and Harvest section and click the link on the home page to see all 25 of them. Free shipping. Ends at midnight. http://www.homedepot.com
  20. HAUNTED RADIO: special tirbute show dedicated to Tobe Hooper!!

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    This week on Haunted Radio, we are taking a break from our regular show format to air a special tribute edition of Haunted Radio dedicated to the life of the late director Tobe Hooper. This week's special show will feature interviews, sound clips, and trailers from some of his legendary films...