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    General Halloween
    Just Started Setting up Last Night. I am Running a 16 channel LOR Sequencer to control my lights. I will Let this run Until Halloween. I have a Giant CO2 Cannon I will be blasting people with. I will be hooking up a GOPRO and Light on the end. I will be posting video after Halloween. What...
  2. Atmosphere Effects: Anyone know how to safely recreate the smell of gasoline/petrol?

    Halloween Props
    Hi there I help a restaurant with their Halloween event and every year the same loyal guests book tickets - consequently we have to reinvent our event every year and 'up the ante'! This year my character will be less like a monster and more like a brutal, unhinged human - I'd like to douse...
  3. Adding "shattered glass" to your costume makeup.

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey everybody, I just wanted to share the broken glass makeups I did on myself for the 2014 haunt season at Nashville Nightmare where I work. It never really occurred to me that I could do my own broken glass makeup successully until I came across a random sheet of acrylic in my craft room...
  4. Launch of the Morbid Mansion Studios Killer Kollectiblez! Nightmare on Elm Street!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hey guys! A few weeks ago I launched my store for my custom special FX, and now I'm sharing with you all my Killer Kollectiblez. It's where I "up-cycle" or recreate from licensed/unlicensed costume and prop pieces and make them much more interesting and affordable works of displayable/functional...
  5. Been registered awhile but haven't been present!

    Member Introduction
    Hi all, this is actually my husbands screen name, but I'm the one that has been lurking for a week or so. LOVE this site. We are fx artists and I particularly love props. This website has helped me so much. This year we are doing a Circus side show theme. We will also be incorporating the Tempt...