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  1. Should this skeleton make sound?

    Halloween Props
    Got this skeleton for $7.00 last year and he is nicely poseable and his eyes light up. When I got home I noticed this port on his chin and what looks like speaker grid under his chin area. Any idea of what kind of plug might work or not. None I have seen to fit and it only has 3 AA batteries for...
  2. Electronic/Software: Creating a cheap 5.1 surround sound system

    Halloween Props
    Hi, I would like to make a speaker system where voices seem to move around an area. As people walk up the driveway voices travels around them. Back in the bad old days I had an 8 track player and quadraphonic speaker system that played Dark Side of the Moon. I always loved it. Today I'm...
  3. Ourdoor speaker setup

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi all! First, I will preface this with - not sure how to categorize this!, as its not really a prop Q, and not really a music-specific question either. Rather a general speakers set up.. In the past, I've run with a Jambox (company now obsolete, I think - but essentially a mobile BLUETOOTH...
  4. pico projector experience?

    General Halloween
    I feel like there's a thread on here every few weeks asking for projector recommendations, yet here I am again... I've decided I should try using a projector to decorate, but I don't want it to be so obvious I'm using a projector. So I thought maybe I could hide one inside the shell of a...
  5. Fear Factory Chainsaw

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    This chainsaw is as loud or louder than a real chainsaw! Has a 6" Kicker speaker and comes in at 128dB. Comes with a fanny pack which holds the battery, an extra battery, charger and paperwork. Has 2 different sound effects and on/off switch. Brand NEW! Any questions, please ask! $400 shipped
  6. Electronic/Software: Need Help with Micca or Projector....again

    Halloween Props
    I have 4 Miccas, different brands but the same plug-ins because I am using them for older projectors. I need music to come from the projectors and found that I plug the speaker cord into the Micca it will play perfectly. I could not get it to play on any of the projectors when plugged into them...
  7. Electronic/Software: Stay Tombed! Radio prop

    Halloween Props
    I have a few old-style radios that I've been saving for a haunted hotel redo that I'm planning to spook up but recently was on Party City's site with clearance sale and decided to take a chance on their haunted radio. https://www.partycity.com/haunted-radio-796401.html Ordered it along with a...
  8. Hey Kid! You Forgot Your Candy!

    General Halloween
    Heh heh heh First year for placing this AtmosfearX little girl in a window very close to where the TOT's line up for treats. Ran the audio to an even closer speaker. One kid screamed and ran all the way back to the road!
  9. Electronic/Software: Audio for random props, media player?

    Halloween Props
    For those who have multiple sounds coming from multiple props, what are you doing? Not talking about custom programming all hooked up to computer, etc. Just want to add sound to 2-3 props and have the speaker right by that prop. For example my rocking chair that moves, I want to have a speaker...
  10. Electronic/Software: Hellp. Need to disable sound on this prop

    Halloween Props
    Hello everyone. I bought one of these canvas led paintings at HomeDepot (actually it's the one where the witch is outside a house with a ghost above her but I can't find it on the HD site.). It's perfect for the location I have but I don't want the sound to play, it's fun once or twice but not...
  11. Electronic/Software: DIY Pumpkin Bluetooth Stereo (Instructions)

    Halloween Props
    In this video I'll show you how to turn a real pumpkin into a working Bluetooth speaker! Great for playing creepy music at Halloween parties or for scaring people with a talking jack-o-lantern prank.
  12. Static: coffin out of Foam Board

    Halloween Props
    I tried something new. I've made tombstones out of this stuff but wanted to try a coffin. I just need to figure a way to make it shake or something. I am putting a speaker inside for sound effects. I made a (painfully long) video for my blog but here are some photos. It was fun to make!!:o
  13. Electronic/Software: Any have a picture or diagram of Helga fortune teller wiring?

    Halloween Props
    Hello, I recently purchased a Helga the fortune teller MR124150 off a local for sale forum. The prop is complete but the previous owner removed the plug in wiring pins from the circuit board to disassemble for storage. I was curious if anyone has this prop and can take a picture of the circuit...
  14. Haunt speaker design that should appeal to us as foamheads :)

    Halloween Props
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdkyGDqU7xA Found this interesting video of a relatively cheap speaker project that would allow us to incorporate speakers into pieces of scenery. Let me know what you think!! :) -Raven
  15. Electronic/Software: Help Needed with DBPower T20 Audio Output

    Halloween Props
    Please excuse my lack of knowledge. I am trying to connect my T20 to a speaker that will only accept regular speaker wire. The T20 has a headphone jack and a AUX. Can anybody help me with how I can make this happen? I am not sure if it makes any difference but, I am hoping to only use a single...
  16. Happy Friday the 13th

    General Halloween
    We have a guest speaker in class today at the High School I work at: He even helps with bus duty: ...and keeps our halls clear So happy Friday the 13th!
  17. Lighting: Cable for Phono Plugs - 12V

    Halloween Props
    Hi all Last year I saw a post where someone had made a 'plug and play' style setup for 12volt LED's using phono plugs. Last year I had a go using grey speaker wire and worked ok. This year I would like to replace the grey speaker wire with black coloured cable. I'm trying to find (with no...
  18. New all-in-one board for hacking squawkers mccaw

    For Sale By Merchants
    OK guys, here it is, the new All-in-One board for hacking Squawkers McCaw. Auto beak sync, random body movement, and built in 3W stereo amplifier with volume control for connecting directly to the internal speaker or a small external speaker. It operates on a single 5V 2A power supply, no other...
  19. Static: Obelisk with a beat

    Halloween Props
    Just wanted to show an idea I had for my obelisk. I wanted to hide my speakers in some rocks but I like this idea better. I started the first two tiers like highburycemetery did but I enclosed the middle tier to be a speaker box. It turned out to be great at improving the speaker boom. It can be...
  20. Electronic/Software: Corn Stalker Animated Prop no sound

    Halloween Props
    I just bought this prop for half off because the voice has stopped working due to a bunch of kids jostling it to much. I took a peak at the circuit board and checked to see if the speaker was blown but it seems to be fine. have a high pitch noise amitted from speaker and you can hear the motor...