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  1. Electronic/Software: Now I have heart.

    Halloween Props
    Now if anyone ever tells me I don't have my heart in it, I got a spare.
  2. Free At Last!

    General Halloween
    Free at last, free at last, thank *dietyofyourchoice* all mighty, we are free at last! No more holidays breathing down my neck for at least 8 more months! Is anyone relieved that Hallowthankmas has passed? I swear, I need an additional month between Halloween and Christmas. There is just not...
  3. Spirit Halloween animated "Creepy Cat Urn" for sale?

    Wanted to Buy
    Hi everyone. I previously owned this animated creepy cat urn from Spirit (that the cat pops in and out of) and it was a big part of my interactive shooting gallery, but this year it finally stopped working. Does anyone have a spare they might be willing to part with? Unfortunatley it looks like...
  4. Ever Feel Like...

    General Halloween
    Do you ever feel that with all of the prep that we haunters do every October, that we are somehow missing out on the Halloween going on all around us? I sometimes do... feeling a little like Charlie Brown's sister Sally:"HALLOWEEN IS OVER AND I MISSED IT!" Don't get me wrong - I LOVE being...
  5. 9V 2500mA DC Adapter

    Wanted to Buy
    I am in search of a 9V 2500mA DC adapter for the Dead Eye Drake animatronic from Gemmy Industries. It does not need to be the exact same adapter, and it also does not have to have the exact 2500mA it states. I just need a similar voltage to operate him. If anyone has a spare, or a link to...
  6. Mechanical: Slow movement on a prop

    Halloween Props
    I want to make the head and arms move on a prop this year. This will be my first time doing it but I am very good at C++, arduino's and raspberry pi programming. I have a ton of spare DC gear laying around but doing movement is nothing I have tried before. Everything will be light weight. Do...
  7. Electronic/Software: LED Countdown Sign DONE!! Video Inside!!!

    Halloween Props
    Taking a break for this years pneumatics. I need a countdown sign and can't find anything big enough or worth while. I found some spare stuff around and did this. The LED's took the longest. Here is the video:
  8. Static: Cemetery Columns

    Halloween Props
    Making some new column's for the entrance to my driveway. Just finished this one yesterday and the other one is drying. Also making a pvc fence to go in between them. Hopefully it will all turn out with little time to spare between now and Halloween.
  9. Behold the mighty Timewarrior!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    For all those who wish to worship me. . .this shall be the thread. . .remember. . .no virgin sacrifices on Tuesdays. I am accepting all donations right now. . .so if you have any spare parts you wish to part with. . .let me know. . .otherwise. . .tremble in fear of my mightiness and pray for...