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  1. Halloween Props
    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/fTJSfBQC-WI This a project I actually completed for Halloween 2017, but have been lax in finding the time to take some decent pics and shoot a video of it in action. I always loved the Grave-Digging Skeleton, but always wondered if I could re-engineer it in a new way...
  2. Halloween Music
    Nox Arcana is one of my favorite sources for gothic/spooky music, and their twitter just posted recently about a new album coming out this year - The Haunted Symphony! https://twitter.com/noxarcana/status/1116175620881489921?s=21 Based on the art/theme, it looks like they're going for maybe...
  3. Halloween Props
    I"m working on a static Demogorgon and I need a source for all the teeth insides its mouth. Something an inch long fangish looking. Any one got sources on bulk fake fangs. All I keep coming up with are those cheap vampire fangs that slip over your teeth. Thanks all.
  4. Halloween Props
    There seems to be many lose poseable skeletons on the market. I want to by eight to ten of them this year. What are your favorite sources for skulls and skeletons?
  5. Halloween Props
    I think well positioned different audio sources adds dimension and interest to a Yard Haunt. Especially since I'm adding focus to haunting my back yard; would love to have various audio sources. A few questions / comments: 1) To keep things water resistant / not worry about theft, I was...
  6. Halloween Props
    I know these have been around for a while. and there are alot of sources out there. I was hoping for to find "The definitive " tutorial.
1-6 of 7 Results