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  1. Static: Gargoyles

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, Looking for 12"+ gargoyle figures to put on my cemetery gate columns this year. I've look all over and it seems what I find is either too small, or too large/expensive. Anyone know of a good source? Thx.
  2. Electronic/Software: animatronic automaton software

    Halloween Props
    Hi, I was wondering if there are more modern :D and maybe even open source software that is doing automation like "Visual Show Automation (VSA)" Regards, /Johan
  3. Lighting: How to create flickering lights?

    Halloween Props
    I am hosting a "funeral home" themed party this year and I typically decorate each room in the house as though it is part of a haunted house walk-through. I am hoping to convert the whole kitchen into a morgue/embalming room. It really would be cool to make the entire room flicker with a...
  4. Lighting FX – sound activated lamp controller – by 13 Transylvania Ave.

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Lighting FX – sound activated lamp controller – by 13 Transylvania Ave. This is a simple yet extremely versatile light controller! It has so many applications: • Illuminate a Halloween prop timed to a soundtrack scare • Create a thunder & lighting storm effect by using a strobe light for a...
  5. 2019 CVS Locations Closing

    General Halloween
    Saw that 40 of the CVS stores around the country will be closing. I know they have been a great source for many of halloween items and props over the years. Here's a USA Today article that lists the ones slated to close...
  6. Ourdoor speaker setup

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi all! First, I will preface this with - not sure how to categorize this!, as its not really a prop Q, and not really a music-specific question either. Rather a general speakers set up.. In the past, I've run with a Jambox (company now obsolete, I think - but essentially a mobile BLUETOOTH...
  7. In Search of Half-Skulls

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello! Anyone know a decent source for a bunch of half skulls. You know, the sort missing their lower jaw? They always convey that sense that the skull has sat around for a while. An online source I'm fond of ordering from had some for under $5-a-pop, but ran out. Attached is a pic to give...
  8. Other: Tombstone patterns?

    Halloween Props
    Ok, now that I can start planning for next year, was wondering if anyone has a source Or if people share their tombstone patterns? I'm looking for the "inner" detail patterns, not the general tombstone shape, though probably be nice to share those if people have them as well. Thanks
  9. Electronic/Software: My Raspberry Pi based Monster in a box (Open Source)

    Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, just thought I would show you my monster in a box. I am making it out of a RaspberryPi and Door Lock actuators. I am opensourcing the whole project on github (https://github.com/hevnsnt/monster). I am still working on everything, so I have not written instructions but I will. This...
  10. Quick & Easy Fire & Ice Shrouds

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    If you're like me, you hate seeing the light source from the sides of Fire & Ice Lights. Here's a quick easy way to make shrouds for them to eliminate that problem. Cut down a 12 ounce Styrofoam cup to 2-1/2". Apply a couple coats of flat black craft paint to the outside. When it's dry, slip it...
  11. cheapest place to buy froggy's freezin fog?

    General Halloween
    I'm looking for some froggy's freezin frog and regular fog juice. Found some ok prices after extensive searching, but wanted to know if anyone has a secret cheap source for froggy's? Shipping is wha makes this expensive since a gallon is heavy. I see amazon has it, but was hoping there might be...
  12. FREE AtmosFX video (Skeletons) Available through 10/17/2018

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    This Cnet page has a promo code for a free copy of "Numbskulls". Looks like a fun video! https://www.cnet.com/news/raise-your-halloween-game-with-a-free-atmosfx-digital-decoration/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter#ftag=CAD-01-10aai3d
  13. Christmas style strand lights

    Wanted to Buy
    My wife wants to light up the covered patio in back using stranded Christmas style lights on the roof joists in Halloween colors for out annual Halloween/Chase's birthday party. Trying to source the lights. Need about 240 feet. Custom lengths would be really cool. Any suggestions?
  14. Any halloween store owners here?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hey guys, we recently started a costume store. I wanted to know if there are any fellow store owners here who might have some tips or things to avoid. Anything would be appreciated. Maybe some ideas on using software to schedule employees, setting up payroll & billing, managing inventory etc. Of...
  15. Mechanical: Linear actuator

    Halloween Props
    A question for anyone with experience with these. Are they available with faster or slower speeds. Seem the ones I have seen go about 1/2 inch per second. That seems very slow. Anyone have a source for faster?
  16. Plug in candle source

    General Halloween
    I'm looking for realistic candles that ficker, and all I can find are battery operated ones. I need plug in ones so they can be plugged into a controller, I just don't trust a remote...batteries need to be changes ect. Any one seen any? And I need quite a few so I didn't want to spend alot...
  17. Anyone have a source for Royalty free videos for projectors?

    Halloween Props
    Anyone have a source for Royalty free videos for projectors?
  18. Mechanical: Reindeer Motor

    Halloween Props
    Tombstone Popper...must..have...tombstone popper... Who can recommend a good on-line source where I can get a reindeer motor?
  19. In Search of: Large foam pumpkin - 2.5 to 3ft. diameter

    Wanted to Buy
    I want a head for my pumpkin sentinel but the biggest ones I'm finding locally are about 14 inches across. He's going to be 8ft. tall so I don't want a tiny head on him. Anyone know of a source for something like this? Can already be carved or not. As long as it has a menacing face on it...
  20. Atmosphere Effects: Camo netting

    Halloween Props
    Before I search the gazillion listings on Ebay does anyone have a reasonably priced source for camo netting either through Ebay or elsewhere.