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  1. Halloween Music
    looking for any links or albums of any soundtracks to Vincent price movies..of interest are his two "Dr. Phibes" movies..... any help would be appreciated... Spookmaster....
  2. Halloween Music
    I just joined this forum and think it's great! I want to invite everyone to drop by and tune-in to Musique Macabre - Horror & Halloween Radio Music For Your Nightmares! ---VM---
  3. Halloween Music
    I am going to post some of my favorite metal songs with lyrics that could be considered Halloween-themed. I encourage other metalheads to post some of their favorites in this thread, as well. OOMPH! - „Brennende Liebe” Why it fits: The subject of the song isn't bad, but it's the video that is...
  4. Halloween Music
    I have a quick question for you. I love Midnight Syndicate's music but haven't been able to purchase any of their CD's yet. The first one I planned to get was Vampyre, so I happened to look it up on Amazon and noticed that the entire album (14 tracks) can be downloaded in MP3 format for only...
1-4 of 4 Results