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  1. Royalty Free Music for Youtube / Projects etc

    Halloween Music
    Hi Haunters and Halloweenies We have just released an 11 track CD of Royalty Free / Copyright Free Halloween music to use on Youtube projects, Podcasts etc. Its completely copytight free so you will have no worries about using it how you like You can have a listen to the full CD on the link...
  2. Queen Mary's Dark Harbor Fan Blog

    If anyone's interested, this blog features a link to purchase the soundtrack and some fonts featured throughout the event. http://darkharborfans.blogspot.com/
  3. Introducing SCARETRAX - THE place for Royalty Free Horror music

    Halloween Music
    We have just launched a new service called SCARETRAX you can download royalty free horror music on a name your price basis, and use it how you like on commercial and non commercial projects As its launch night we have 6 Sam Haynes tracks for free download with many more to come from other...
  4. 'Queen Mary's Dark Harbor - Official Soundtrack' by Cindergarden

    Halloween Music
    This is the soundtrack to The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor event in Long Beach, California. It features audio from various mazes as well as area music for the event. This thing is AWESOME, guys! I cannot praise it enough. And it's only $13 for the whole thing (or you can purchase individual tracks...
  5. 2 new song demos for anyone that would like to listen!

    Halloween Music
    Hi everyone Happy 2016 to you I hope this year is your best ever - I'm sharing a couple of Demos i've been working on for the next CD I've been experimenting with drums and synths a little more than usual. thanks Sam H Maniac https://soundcloud.com/sam-haynes-halloween/sam-haynes-maniac...
  6. My new Christmas Halloween CD for Creepmas - free download

    Halloween Music
    Hi Just to let you know I am giving away a free download of my Halloween/Christmas themed CD - The Gift of Christmas Fear (special Krampus edition)- there are 12 tracks including 2 brand new mixes You can get the full album at www.samhaynes1.bandcamp.com hit buy now and enter 0 to get it...
  7. Prop Audio Hack???

    Anyone know of a tutorial on Hacking Props to be able to change the audio soundtrack?
  8. Haunting/mystical music and Horror Video Game Soundtracks

    Halloween Music
    I've been an avid gamer for years, and I'm throwing my first halloween party tomorrow. My party is a Corrupted Alchemist's Apothecary, and I want to have haunting music but also creepy music. I just wanted to share an idea, I've noticed that youtube has a WIDE variety of videogame soundtracks...
  9. FREE killer clown song from our new Haunt CD

    Halloween Music
    Hi everyone Halloween is creeping ever closer.... To celebrate we are giving away free downloads of 'Here come the clowns' from our new Haunt Music CD The song will be perfect for your circus themed haunts this year. Its a clown theme with a dark sinister vibe to it. Just click here...
  10. A alternateive version of Micheal Jacksons "Thriller" soundtrack

    Halloween Music
    This guys version is quite different...lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwNsRs5dKyA
  11. Mad Max/wasteland Music

    Halloween Music
    Anyone got any ideas of music for a wasteland theme? I have played some from the mad Max soundtrack and most are too cinematic. I do like one called Vultures Appear.
  12. Pico Boo FI-104B Prop Controller

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Pico Boo FI-104B Prop Controller (SOLD) I have had this controller for several years. I used it one Halloween in our garage. It has been stored in it's box ever since. The controller is in excellent shape and has never even been mounted. I have the original manual and power pack for it. This...
  13. Electronic/Software: Morbid / Morris Costumes Animated Mannequinn

    Halloween Props
    Taken from Halloween Asylum's facebook page: View My Video"]View My Video[/URL] Thanks Nancy! Sorry I couldn't get it to embed. I love the look of this prop (the final version will have a different soundtrack). Was anyone at the Party Expo show where this was demonstrated? Anyone know what...
  14. Favorite horror soundtrack?

    Halloween Music
    My new favorite horror movie soundtrack is the scary, silent 8mm movies in Sinister... whats your favorite soundtrack in a movie?
  15. The 2014 Big Scary Show HALLOWEEN JUKEBOX is now up

    Announcements / Press Releases
    The 2014 HAUNT ROCKER HALLOWEEN JUKEBOX is now online!! Be sure to check out the 2014 Haunt Rocker Halloween Jukebox put together by our very own Haunstrumetallist, Jerry Vayne. With an assortment of some of your favorite Halloween Music, this is the perfect soundtrack for your Halloween...
  16. 'Less scary' instrumental music for yard haunt?

    Halloween Music
    Hi all. Last year I had so many little TOT's walk right by my house, not wanting to brave my yard haunt. I love my props but the neighbourhood age demographic means I have to tone it down a bit this year or risk just as many scared kids walking on by. In addition to lighting changes etc., I...
  17. looking for creepy and dark halloween music this year?

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    ....Look no further. www.Hauntmusic.co.uk are offering all 4 of our dark electronic horror albums for just £3 each at our Bandcamp store. Thats a saving of over 50% on amazon and itunes! You can sample each album by clicking here: www.samhaynes1.bandcamp.com There are 5 albums in total...
  18. Atmosphere Effects: Best Soundtrack for Perfect Storm Lighting Machine

    Halloween Props
    The other day our Perfect Storm gadget arrived and I finally got a chance to play with it. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what the best soundtrack would be to use with it? I only need about 5 minutes per tot-er as they enter the graveyard section, so I would like it to be fairly...
  19. Atmosphere Effects: Thunder Soundtrack

    Halloween Props
    So I know this is kinda a dumb question, but does anyone know where to get a good/loud thunder soundtrack? I'm looking for something that is between thirty seconds and a minute. Pretty much everything I've found has a lot of background ambiance noise. I would like to get something that is...
  20. Every Night he Preys

    Halloween Music
    So, I have this song, I'm not a professional by any means but I made it. It's got a Tim Burton meets John Carpenter feel to it. I don't know many people as into the season/ holiday/ horror that I am. So, honest opinions. Do you like it? what do you like what don't you like ? I'm curious...