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  1. $$$ Support some indie horror music! $$$ - Dr. Snik

    For Sale By Merchants
    Check out some spooky tunes and support some indie horror music! @cdbaby http://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/DrSnik @bandcamp https://drsnik.bandcamp.com/
  2. Spooky music on Spotify

    Halloween Music
    Check out some spooky tunes on Spotify from Dr. Snik... #Halloween #HalloweenMusic #soundtrack #horror #horrormusic #indiefilm #indiemusic #psychedelic #psychedelicmusic #indiehorror #darkwave #haunt #hauntedhouse #synth #virtualorchestra
  3. My Monster In A Box

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I found a small crate at work and decided to take a whack at the classic Monster In A Box prop. My version is made to look like an old box that might have been around for many, many years. I used a green light instead of the traditional red just to be different. The monster is an old dollar...
  4. New Halloween music coming 2019

    Halloween Music
    Check out Dr. Snik's website with links to his own projects and collaborations with other spooky souls... Many free samples... https://snikczar.wixsite.com/dr-snik
  5. Lighting: Changing portraits lighting question?

    Halloween Props
    I want to light my Haunted Mansion portraits with an external light, then also have the internal lights that give them the changing portrait effect light up via a lighting controller soundtrack, can this be done by using a prop controller such as a picoboo or arduino? As of now I have just...
  6. It was a "Halloween Miracle" - 2018 Photo Album

    General Halloween
    This year we came as close to getting rained out as ever before. It was beautiful weather for several days leading up to Halloween and was very nice that day until about 11:00 or 12:00. Then the rains came and it got cold. But the Halloween gods smiled upon us and about 1 hour before the...
  7. Graveyard Ambience

    Halloween Music
    I've created an ambient soundtrack for our graveyard this year that has some material pulled from our main soundtrack. It has some elements that might not fit your theme completely but it does have some angry wind, siren-like witches beckoning, and some ghost-ish stuff, and a ridiculous number...
  8. The new (2018) Halloween soundtrack

    Halloween Music
    I'm a huge fan of the holiday and the movie series so buying the soundtrack was a no-brainer for me. I just got it today and I wanted to pass along to any fellow haunters that might be interested that this soundtrack will be an excellent addition to a yard haunt or a haunted house. The whole...
  9. Craziest Ambient Sound Yet

    Halloween Music
    Next year we are putting a "Zombie Orphanage" in our Graveyard. A bunch of baby dolls, all corpsed up as Zombies. They are very disturbing in appearance. Cute but scary. For the soundtrack I found the sound of four babies crying all at once. Man, 8 seconds of that is all I can stand! Which got...
  10. New Soundtrack

    Halloween Music
    I finally created a new soundtrack for 2018. 36 theme songs mostly of Horror movies and TV shows and they are on 2 cd's. First one 70 minutes, 2nd disc 80 minutes so that will be good for the 2 hours of TOT we have. I also fixed my Sound System that was skipping on Halloween. That was 2 hours of...
  11. Favorite Horror movie Soundtrack?

    Halloween Music
    So what's everybody's favorite horror movie soundtrack? I have to go with the Shining.... The Kristoff Penderecki stuff is absolutely creepy...:cool:
  12. Free Haunt Soundtrack Song - Midnight Creeping

    Halloween Music
    Hi everyone here is a completely free song for you from our new Halloween CD to say thanks for all your support on this forum! just click the link below and enter 0 to get the free download! Hope you enjoy it let us know what you think...
  13. Pumpkin on your stereo NEW for Halloween 2017

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hi Everyone! We are proud to announce we have completed our latest Halloween CD! PUMPKIN ON YOUR STEREO the follow up to our 2016 Amazon top 10 Halloween Hit 'Something Wicked' Check out a preview of the new songs here...
  14. Grave Tone Productions NEW MUSIC- Dying Within 2017

    Halloween Music
    Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Darkness, We are back from the Grave with a new release, Dying Within. Released at Texas Frightmare Weekend, this is our heaviest, most disturbing recording to date. Described by many as Pantera meets Carpenter, it is the soundtrack to your...
  15. Free download horror theme music from DEATHNOTES - the new CD for Halloween 2017

    Halloween Music
    Hi Everyone We are very proud to announce that the new Sam Haynes Halloween Horror soundtrack album will be out Halloween 2017. DEATHNOTES is our 10th studio album and marks our 5 year anniversary in the haunt music industry. Celebrate with us this Halloween and preview a new track now on this...
  16. Ghostbusters 1984 OST

    Halloween Music
    Anyone have a link to the Ghostbusters 1984 soundtrack album? Many thanks Spookmaster
  17. Richard Christy - Blaze: The Soundtrack I and Blaze: The Soundtrack II

    Halloween Music
    Requesting the following please & thank you! Anybody from or living in Sleepy Hollow New York (Historic Hudson Valley) are you familiar with musician composer Richard Christy. He has two cd soundtracks he scored for The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze held every year in Sleepy Hollow during the...
  18. Happy October - Free Download of Halloween Haunt Soundtrackk song now on Soundcloud

    Halloween Music
    Hi Everyone to celebrate the arrival of October we are giving away a free track from our new album! Simply click here to download it! https://soundcloud.com/sam-haynes-halloween/free-halloween-music-download-edge-of-night-halloween2016-spoundtrack Please share and thanks to everyone on here...

    Halloween Music
    Hi Fellow HORROR Fans, i'm searching for the TERROR VISION Soundtrack by The Fibonaccis. Love this soundtrack but have only been able to find it in bits and pieces on youtube. Does anyone have this as download? I'll gladly send you Grave Tone Productions music in exchange for this rare...
  20. Plan Nine From Outer Space. Original Soundtrack Recording

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/6pxmq3ipvkx7xngbcwk0gisw3qdr199s A LITTLE BACKGROUND INFO CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://graverobbersfromouterspace.wordpress.com/2014/11/25/plan-9-soundtrack-album-music-by-quadriplegics/ Tot UNFORTUNATELY THIS RECORDING WAS DONE IN ONE LONG 70 MINUTE...