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  1. New Halloween music coming 2019

    Halloween Music
    Check out Dr. Snik's website with links to his own projects and collaborations with other spooky souls... Many free samples... https://snikczar.wixsite.com/dr-snik
  2. Free Witch's Kitchen Ambient Sounds

    Halloween Music
    So I found a really cool website to mix ambient sounds for our yard haunt and wanted to share. The website is http://horror.ambient-mixer.com. I made the background ambient sounds with this website and then I mixed in sound effects using a free software called Audacity. I thought I would...
  3. NEW MP3 Audio Player Module for $29.99

    For Sale By Merchants
    Animated Prop Systems has just released a low cost MP3 audio player module for anyone interested in adding high quality audio to your prop. The AM1 module plays mp3 audio tracks from a microSD card (in stereo) and can be controlled by many different controllers via the RS232 connector to the...
  4. First Halloween Mix

    Halloween Music
    Here is a link to my first Halloween mix. I plan to use Vixen to have some moody light changes (LED spots). It isn't final, but any feedback would be great. I already hear a few parts that need better fading in and out. I also want to add thunder. My haunt is a three witch with bubbling cauldron...
  5. Creepy Forest Soundscape: Download and Critique

    Halloween Music
    I was recently inspired by Halloween Forum contributor Cab (and his commercial release on iTunes) to try my hand at creating a soundscape. I'm offering my creation for the HF folks to download as well as critique. The file will be available here. My original intention was to expand the...