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  1. General Halloween
    For the past two years my haunt's soundtrack has been a randomized "LIVE" sequence patched together on my modular synthesizer rig: My friend at the local paper dropped by unannounced on Devil's night, and posted some video onto her paper's web-page. I didn't have the fog or spider swarm...
  2. Halloween Music
    Really enjoying a new vinyl record called Halloween Night on AttackNine. The A side is mostly quietly creepy environmenntal soundscapes, the B side is similar but with some musical interludes reminiscent of 70s John Carpenter or Tangerine Dream. Part of this for me is the great nostalgia of...
  3. Blog
    Need themed music for your Hillbilly Haunt? Or maybe just some scary sound FX for your zombie graveyard? I found some really amazing compilations at Haunt Audio. With sound FX (MP3) albums titled- Meat Locker, Industrial Terror, Laboratory, Playtime, Zombie Attack....even sound FX for Spiders. I...
1-3 of 3 Results