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  1. Library of Halloween Sound Effects

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    Hello all, I am an avid collector of Halloween soundtracks and sound effects. One day out of boredom I categorized all my sound effects by sound in order to make searching for specific sounds easier. I would like to share my sound library with you all. ...
  2. What sound effects are you looking for?

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    I'm a sound designer and am wondering what sound effects you guys are looking for. I'm going to create some custom scary sound effects and need some inspiration. Thanks in advance.
  3. Nightmare City Halloween Presents Scar Stuff Lives

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    Nightmare City Halloween Presents Scar Stuff Lives "The Spooky So Far" (2006) 10th Anniversary Tribute In 2006 Jason Willis created the ultimate Halloween audio sharing blog which created the mold for which all other Halloween audio blogs aspired to emulate. Sadly, Jason was forced to remove...
  4. Largest Collection of Playable Halloween Audio Online

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    Nightmare City Halloween Album Covers Click image to visit Nightmare City Halloween Album Covers page. Using Youtube as the primary resource, Nightmare City Halloween boasts the largest collection of playable Halloween Audio online!!! Start Listening Now. Enjoy!
  5. looking for sfx tape from 80s, said "Aren't you a little old to be trick or treating?

    Halloween Music
    looking for sfx tape from 80s, said "Aren't you a little old to be trick or treating? As I kid in the late 80s, I remember a Halloween sound effects tape with a woman saying, "Aren't you a little old to be trick-or-treating?" I've done some searching. First, I found a webpage about a tape...
  6. New vinyl sound fx record

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    Really enjoying a new vinyl record called Halloween Night on AttackNine. The A side is mostly quietly creepy environmenntal soundscapes, the B side is similar but with some musical interludes reminiscent of 70s John Carpenter or Tangerine Dream. Part of this for me is the great nostalgia of...
  7. Chamber Of Horrors - alternate versions??

    Halloween Music
    Hey, everybody: I was going thru the posts of music/sfx, and I saw the post on the Haunting Chamber Of Horrors cassette, from 1988. I've been searching for years, attempting to find the same sfx tape I had when I was a kid. So far, this one is the closest - but still not the one. From what I...
  8. Atmosphere Effects: Need Pirate sound effects

    Halloween Props
    I'm looking for pirate sounds effect that I can play on a loop on Halloween. i have found several short sound effects but a 30 second loop is going to drive me crazy! Has anyone heard a longer sound effect - ocean, ship, fighting, cannons...?
  9. NEW SOUND EFFECTS! Haunter Sound FX - Scare Sounds Collection!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hey there everyone! We've finally released the Haunter Sound FX - Scare Sound Collection! It's got over 100 startling sounds all designed to make your guests jump out of their skin! The Scare Sounds Collection is available via Digital Download or on a DVD. All the sounds are extremely high...
  10. 6 Days Till Halloween

    6 Days Till Halloween 10/25/2013 Loop Noir – Paranormal Sound Design This is a really interesting CD. Not necessarily spooky, but definitely eerie and unusual and electro-ambient. Scary Sounds of Halloween (1991) From K-Tel, a half-hour track. All the same screams and howls we’ve heard...
  11. 17 Days Till Halloween

    17 Days Till Halloween 10/14/2013 Oh man, I’m really running out of time. Still getting through these mashup CDs which are OK in small doses but more than one CD back-to-back is a little rough. Monster Mash-Up - Texas Chainsaw Mashacre (2011) I like all the cute titles for these mashup CDs…...
  12. Audio Zomb ie Voted Best in Horror Sound Design at NJ Horror Film Fest

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    We are so happy that we were able to supply our clients with award winning sound design in Best Score Best Sound design Best Sound Effects We had a great time at the event. Looking to hanging out at Parafest Please check out our website at http://www.audiozombiesound.com Music and Sound...
  13. Cauldron Creep Sound Effect

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    Made this soundtrack for my Creep-To-Be. Saint Michael's prayer in Latin slowed to 50% coupled with bubbling water that was slowed to 40%. Thanks Rich B and Dark Man Dustin for the kick start!
  14. Lightning effect controller setup

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    SOLD ---SOLD I'm selling my lightning controller effect unit. Included with this is a CD player and a power adapter, so you don't have to use batteries, and av cord for sound hook up. The controller with power 110 volt lights, I used (2) 150 watt clear lamps. There is a rheostat to adjust...
  15. spooky voiceovers and sound effects

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    Dr. Mayhem Productions and Sound Design Great quality and affordable! www.biggerguyproductions.com/drmayhem for samples and contact info! Dr. Mayhem
  16. New Ambient Soundscape Album

    Halloween Music
    Hi all, Wanted to inform you all that we with Scare Tactic Productions have put out our first Atmosphere album "Gothic Nightmare's". This album has ANY atmosphere that you would need for a church/cemetery scene. Check it out here! It's over an hour of sounds. Each track is meant to loop and...
  17. Halloween Screamy - Free Android Market Halloween Sound Experience App!

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    Free on the Android Market! http://goo.gl/GPX7C More than just a soundboard, Hallow Screamy is a complete sound experience. A great tool if your looking for randomized spooky background sounds for a haunted house or just creep out your friends! There are tons sounds effects that play through a...
  18. Sound Effects - how do you use them?

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    Just wondering how everybody treats the audio portion of their haunt. Do you use pre-recorded tracks? Do you have Black Sabbath playing? Michael Jackson's Thriller? Monster Mash? Death Metal? Something else? I'm basically taking a poll here about who would or would not be interested in a...
  19. Spooky voiceovers and sound design

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    Spooky voiceovers & sound design for your haunt or commercial. Very affordable, great turnaround time; awesome quality. www.biggerguyproductions.com/drmayhem for samples. Email [email protected]
  20. Need sound effects for Electric Chair

    Halloween Music
    I need the following downloadable (free) sounds: Electrical shock noises and a buzzer. (Making sound effects for an electric chair) If anyone knows where i can download these sound effects that would be such a great help! Those are the only things left of the soundtrack i'm putting together.