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  1. Halloween Music
    Check out Dr. Snik's website with links to his own projects and collaborations with other spooky souls... Many free samples... https://snikczar.wixsite.com/dr-snik
  2. Announcements / Press Releases
    New BIG SCARY NEWS: Episode 141 features all the latest news, plus an exclusive interview with Japes Palles of Lost Souls Chicago. It's the most dangerous 30 minutes in the haunt industry. Don't miss it! #bigscarynews #bigscaryshow https://www.bigscaryshow.com/big-scary-news
  3. General Halloween
    Thy soul shall find itself alone. Mid dark thoughts of the gray tombstone. Not one, of all the crowd, to pry into thine hour of secrecy. The spirits of the dead who stood in life; before thee are again. In death around thee, and their will shall overshadow thee...
  4. Halloween Props
    Hard to believe but this is my 20 pneumatic prop So I wanted to connect a little bit more with some of the teens/adults so I decided to pull this from the Dark Souls video game series. This skeleton wheel is a PITA in this game. For those who do not know it is a spiked wheel with a skeleton...
  5. General Halloween
    I was working on some tombstone props for this years display, when I turned off the workshop lights for the evening I was "visited" by some ghost of Halloweens past. We'll actually these were my ghost props from last year that I still haven't put away (procrastination is a wonderful thing).
  6. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Witch of Stolen Souls - Spirit Halloween 2014 - Can anyone tell me what they feel this piece is worth? I know it's a rare sold out item. She was used twice and comes in her original box. TIA
  7. Halloween Props
    My Ripping Reaper of Souls prop quit opening his robe all of the way. Then after a few cycles, started making a whizzing sound from the gear area and doesn't open the robe at all now. I cut the back cloth open to access the motor and gears, but I really don't know what I'm looking at. Can...
  8. Halloween Props
    Made a deal with the devil and lost. Doomed to wander half dead and half alive till he gives the devil 100 souls to keep. "][/URL] "][/URL]
  9. Halloween Costume Ideas
    The plan is to do Karla the Witch from Dark Souls 3 for Halloween this year. I had better get started because I have to order the boots from the UK, make the skirt out of silk (which is the only way to make it move the way it does in game), hand paint dye on the skirt, and make the leather hat...
  10. Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/8lsl32rdrmmcatk9h6a9f45b0ut8334z TRACK LIST: 01. Horror of Erik 02. Depression 03. Symphony of Death 04. Dementia Macabre 05. Devils Love 06. Sound trip Through the Catacombs 07. Echos of the Organ 08. Nocturnal Quest 09. Ode to the Tomb 10. Eternal...
  11. Wanted to Buy
    Hi everyone, I'm interested in buying Spirit's Witch of Stolen Souls. Can pick up locally if in central California/Bay area. Looking for it to be functional, of course, and in original box. Wanting to spend less than Spirits asking price. Maybe around 140-150. Thanks!
  12. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have a animated reaper of souls animated prop it works great it is used though, no original box comes with adapter there is a crack on the neck you could use liquid latex to fix it or leave it. New it cost 200 plus shipping. I am asking $150 obo I would ship in the us only paypal only as...
1-13 of 13 Results