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  1. Other: How to paint a Squawkers McCaw / faux fur?

    Halloween Props
    After seeing some great projects with it here I finally bought a Squawkers McCaw and the board to go with it from J-Man. The problem is that my theme is a spooky graveyard, nothing piratey. My solution is to turn Squakwers into a zombie parrot in a cage, but I'm not sure how to tackle paining...
  2. Battery operated motion sensor

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I want to find a battery operated motion sensor that will detect motion about 10-12' away, and display different LED colors depending on motion or no motion. I'd like to be able to control the update period, being able to vary its detection between a few times per minute to once every 1...
  3. Fog: Fog machine wiring diagram

    Halloween Props
    Hello, I'm trying to build a new trigger (timer and/or motion detector) for my small fog machine (110vac). It initially had a wireless trigger device which plugged into a 3-conductor connector at the rear of the machine. The device has failed. I've been looking at the schematic for a while...
  4. Electronic/Software: Making my swing always active

    Halloween Props
    Perhaps you guys know a simple solution for my problem. I have the spirit halloween swing with the creepy girl and it has an IR sensor to activate it to swing. However she is set back from the sidewalk and the chances of the sensor hitting that far out is slim. Is there a way to bypass the...
  5. Fog: Is a decent DIY fogger possible?

    Halloween Props
    I've been reading a lot of forum and blog posts (across many sites) that are all variations on the theme of heating a glycerine and water mixture to create fog. In my tests over a small flame, I got very little fog from such a mixture until all of the water had evaporated, and then the heated...
  6. Static: Lighting a BUNCH of pumpkins?

    Halloween Props
    I want to put about 20 carved foam pumpkins on the stairs in front of our house but I don't want to mess with turning on and off those little battery powered puck lights in each and every one every night for a month. In the past, I've put a string of tiny orange lights in a mason jar inside each...
  7. Lighting: Thunder & Lightning Machine - in Australia (240v)?

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, I've left my Halloween preparations late this year (thanks, life) but I'm really hoping to finally get a good solution for a thunder and lightning machine. Every year I spend hours searching the internet, and every year I give up in dismay. I'd like a thunder & lightning machine...
  8. New Technology Ground Fog Machine - Chauvet Cumulus

    General Halloween
    It's expensive at $1400 so let's just say that up front....There are tons of chillers on the market from the ones most of us use with ice to the mega expensive built in air condition units to C02 based chilling units....For years, I've watched the market for something that doesn't need constant...
  9. Anyone have makeblock mdrawbot?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Out it together.... but cant download the proper driver to work with the computer. Very frustrating. Sent an e mail. Looked for a solution on their forum. But it isnt very user friendly. Never had such a problem downloading a driver.
  10. Other: Anyone have a cheap floor cover solution? (high traffic)

    Halloween Props
    Hi everyone, first time post but long time lurker/creeper, lol My wife and I decorate the inside foyer area of our home every year. Out here in the sticks were lucky to get 7 kids to ToT so its more for the UPS guy, family, friends and us to enjoy. Last year it was a giant spider infestation at...
  11. Wouild Monster Mud be my solution ... HELP!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    I have cut out my gothic windows out of cardboard. I have layered the cardboard for a 3d effect ... maybe 2d ... and I am wondering if a thin layer of monster mud would be my solution to making it look more authentic and giving it a bit more strength. I am wondering if it gets moved or bumped...
  12. Lighting: Simple/inexpensive automatic light fade?

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys. I've been searching through the forum for a while now looking for a solution to what seems like a really simple problem, but so far I've not found anything satisfactory. I'm looking at doing a fairly large scale pepper's ghost effect this year in my garage (using shrink window film on...
  13. Lighting: Outdoor UV

    Halloween Props
    So I want a cheapo outdoor UV solution (and a million bucks too) But seriously, I am looking for a UV light to glow a spider web I am making. I bought a flashlight UV light off Amazon that honestly works better than any other spotlights I have seen. I have UV tubes for indoors but they are not...