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    Hi, still having issues finding cylinders or solenoids in town but finally ran across this. http://www.princessauto.com/pal/en/Pneumatics/12V-DC-Solenoid-Activated-Pneumatic-Control-Valve/8226615.p It does not look like FrightProps' solenoid but slightly resembles it. My question is, does...
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    I've got 5 solenoids for my pnuematics. I had 2 of them fail right before the Trick or Treaters arrived. Both of them were tested a week ago, and one of the two did show an indication that it might fail "open" (it was an air blaster). The bigger suprise was a new 3-way solenoid that failed...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, I bought a solenoid from fright props, and it has 2 black wires. They said they are interchangeable. I connected the wires with some caps, however I don't hear a click when I plug it in. It is 110vac. Does anyone have a diagram or could help me on this?
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    hey guys, I ordered a cylinder, and Im buying a cylinder hook up kit from frightprops. I wanted to buy it and there was a glitch so Ill just wait for now. Meanwhile, will a 12v solenoid be right for a picaboo controller? How do I connect the power supply to the solenoid? thanks
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    Hi All, I am attempting to make a pop up prop like the one at: http://www.horrorseek.com/home/halloween/wolfstone/PropsMisc/sklpop_PopupSkeleton.html But my air valve ballooned out around the plastic cylinder just below the electrical contacts. (it was also quite hot after I shut off the...
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    I have a prop i recently built. it was the first addition to The Blackwood Asylum. it is an elctro-therapy chair (electric chair if your in a prison) I also have a Crate that i will be sitting in and shaking that says Blackwood Asylum Isolation Unit Caution Criminally Insane i built it out...