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  1. Aluminum soldering flux. No US vendors?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I'm soldering longer leads to a gum stick, 40mm x 12mm x 4mm, lithium polymer, 3.7v battery, and I recently discovered that the leads coming out of the battery are aluminum, so in order to solder them, I need to be using a flux designed for aluminum. Okay, no problem so far. Online, I'm...
  2. Other Halloween Soldering Kits

    Halloween Crafts
    If you like to solder and want some simple kits to practice with, or you're teaching someone else to solder, these Halloween-themed soldering kits are really cool. There's a ghost kit, a pumpkin light kit, and a flashlight (which would be great to take trick-or-treating). I did a video to show...
  3. Other curved foam cutter

    Halloween Crafts
    I needed one to scoop out the inside of the mouth of my Audrey plant. Looked around for one and nada, so I made one. I had my soldering gun laying around. I went to Hobby Lobby, Ace Hardware has them also, and bout 1/16 solid brass wire. I had to form the ends so they would fit into soldering...
  4. Electronics Essentials: Soldering (Episode 2)

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Finally! I managed to get episode 2 finished off. By request... soldering! I had actually planned to include some soldering tips at the end of the NEXT episode, but "Creepy Junior" suggested put it in its own episode, since I had so much material (I was shooting this AND the next epsiode...
  5. How to solder a bare circuit board

    I am no electronics wiz! I would like to know a bit more about how to build a bare circuit board....maybe to build a trigger of some type. I know a little about soldering, but not enough to build something with out melting a lot of stuff. What wattage iron to use? How to go about assembly...
  6. Lighting: UV LED issues.. anyone have an idea

    Halloween Props
    So,,I am trying to wire up two 5mm UV LEDS to backlight my vasaline marble monster eyes. I have done LED's before with no issue but for some reason these little devils appear more tempermental. I think the heat is getting to them during soldering since they work just fine temporarily wired with...