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  1. Halloween Props
    Currently most of my lighting is driven by low voltage power or by 110 AC. However I was wondering if anyone has tried using mostly solar lights. I see advantages and disadvantages of each but I wanted to start a discussion. Powering the lights with Low voltage or AC requires many more wires...
  2. Halloween Props
    Spider rider was made with two beach balls and a foam ball. The legs are pvc pipe covered in foam, solar led lights are on the back ball. Sorry about the picture being sideways, is there a way to fix this?
  3. Halloween Props
    Hi guys, So in the spirit of my pumpkin sentinel and funeral hearse I found this perfect sign to go in my yard to drive the effect home. Never seen one like it and it's pretty impressive. Solid, sturdy wood and nice graphics and routering. That said, I want to "relic" it a bit more. How...
  4. General Halloween
    Now that it's officially fall I know a lot of stores have their "summer" items including landscaping accessories on sale. Anyone come across a good buy on solar-powered spotlights? I'd love to pick up a few more for a good price.
  5. Halloween Props
    first time i have a big front hard, with only one outlet on the far side of the house. I was thinking of using solar led lights to light up certain props. What do you guys think?
  6. Halloween Props
    This year, my new cemetery columns will be located in a different part of my yard which is further away from an electrical outlet. I'd like to try and avoid having to run a long extension cord out there, so I was looking into solar light bulbs as an alternative. I've seen some with solar...
  7. Halloween Props
    Solar Powered Dancing Figurines / Bobble Heads 2017 Hello has anyone seen any Halloween themed Solar Powered Dancing Figurines / Bobble Heads yet either in the stores or in a store display book? If so please share some photos if that is possible and allowed. Thank you so much!!
  8. General Halloween
    Has anyone ever used these in a haunt and if so how effective are they? https://www.amazon.com/180%C2%B0Angle-Adjustable-Rechargeable-Waterproof-Spotlight/dp/B011BINVHS/ref=sr_1_cc_2?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1474126733&sr=1-2-catcorr&keywords=green%2Bsolar%2Bspotlight&th=1
  9. General Halloween
    Buy one, get one half off solar lanterns (and other schtuff) at Family Dollar from April 28 to May 7.
  10. Halloween Props
    I was just given about 10 48" long black light bulbs that didn't have any info to go with them, so I was hoping someone here could steer me in the right direction about what kind of fixtures to buy...
  11. Halloween Props
    I have it in my head that I would like to put a solar can light in my pumpkin head. I was thinking about having my hubby rewire the light cord to make it longer and then put the bulb in the pumpkin and the solar charger mounted on the back of the cross on the scarecrow. Has anyone done this...
  12. General Halloween
    I didn't see a thread for this yet, so I'm sorry if I missed one somewhere. I made a quick stop at the Big Lots by my work on the way home tonight. They had some stuff I though people might be interested in. They had these planter hangers I think they were called.. 48", 72", and 84" tall, some...
  13. Halloween Props
    Today I installed my fifth solar lighting unit for the exterior of the house. They are die cast aluminum spot lights,3 to a package with the solar collector. They are made with cast aluminum mounting stakes ,which i usually modify because I am not sticking them into the ground, I am mounting...
  14. Halloween Props
    Its a little pricey - $29.99 but its bigger, taller has the timer plastic candle in there. Its in the garden section. They also had solar powered string lights for those of you looking.
  15. General Halloween
    I'm looking for a good solar light, or light set for an upcoming build. NOT a spotlight, otherwise I can probably make it work, just want it to give off a good amount of light, not like those little crystal sculptures on a stick with a color changing bulb in them. Amber if it's colored...
  16. Halloween Props
    Are there any solar powered black lights?
  17. General Halloween
    Hubby is worried that as I add stuff to the yard, I'm going to overload the power. I know I can get an electrician out here to add additional power but in the mean time I'm exploring what I can do without going that far. Anyone using anything solar powered or battery operated etc? How do you...
    Yeah you heard it right. I'm looking for a way to take a foamkin and put a solar charging light activated flickering led candle inside. A sort of place and forget kind of thing, so that I can put them on the roof a few weeks ahead of time and not have to climb a ladder every day. I have a rough...
  19. Halloween Props
    Ok, here are the first pics of my Dollar Tree solar flower remake. Basically, I'm turning it into a solar grave grabber. I took apart the DT flower and removed the solar panel, replacing it with a larger panel from a solar pathway light I got at Walmart for $1.50(one of the red, white, and blue...
  20. Halloween Props
    So I thought of an idea to combine those fake carvable pumpkins you can get from lowes or home depot and the solar powered path lighting you get from the same places. Has anyone tried? Any tutorials about this? I haven't found anything. If there is none I will try it out myself. I thought of...
1-20 of 20 Results