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  1. In Search of Half-Skulls

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello! Anyone know a decent source for a bunch of half skulls. You know, the sort missing their lower jaw? They always convey that sense that the skull has sat around for a while. An online source I'm fond of ordering from had some for under $5-a-pop, but ran out. Attached is a pic to give...
  2. Flicker Circuit by Death Lord

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    By using an extension cord as the basis of this project it not only allows you to plug any light into it, but more importantly the extension cord give you the ability to plug two lamps (bulbs) into the cord. I use two 25 watt bulbs (red or red and yellow?) and a 5A fuse. Total construction time...
  3. Lighting: DIY Medievil Sconce

    Halloween Props
    I have always wanted to have "torches" for Halloween that looked like they were from medieval times. Believe me, I have looked but you can't buy them on Amazon. So this year I got enough motivation to try to make one myself. Unfortunately if you google "How to make a medieval sconce" you...
  4. Static: My Unorthodox pumpkin

    Halloween Props
    Awhile ago I came across a photo of some pumpkins that had been carved from the bottom instead of the top and was lit from within with some pumpkin guts hanging down. Turns out they were done by one of the moderators on this site named UnOrthoDox. I loved the look and have decided to make a...
  5. Static: Ball joint for skeleton articulation

    Halloween Props
    I'm looking for ways to better articulate posable skeletons for my display. Mostly I'd like to articulate the neck to have more options in positioning the head and the same for the hips (lower spine). I'm thinking of grafting in a ball and socket joint at those positions but have not been able...
  6. Electronic/Software: Animated props bought in the US to use in the UK

    Halloween Props
    Hi all I am interested in buying a prop I've had my eye on from a US store to be used in the UK. Given the differences in electrical systems, I'm after some advice. I've had a look on the website for this prop and on the actual prop instructions, it states that the UL power adaptor has an input...
  7. New PVC Mounting Bases!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hi all, This is something we have had in the works for a few months and I just finally got some finished product in. This is the new and improved version of our mounting bases. We increased the depth of the pipe socket by 50% and raised the support fins up to the ridge of the inlet to provide...
  8. What is the best option for covering the eye holes on a Grim Reaper mask?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I am thinking about buying the Grim Reaper mask, with movable jaw, by Zagone Studios for Halloween this year. My only concern is covering the eye holes to make it look like the sockets are empty. What's the best way to accomplish that?
  9. I Made Creepy Creations Electric Lantern....Well, sort of

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Ok, so there I was sitting on my patio, minding my own business, looking out at the flowers in the garden and the trees in the haunted forest, blissfully ignorant of Wicked Grandma sneaking up on me. I am usually more observant when Wicket Grandma is around because if I am not extremely...
  10. Plug and Socket Costume Help

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    My husband and I are planning to go as a Plug and Socket for halloween this year so I was hoping to get some brainstorming help as to how we're going to build this costume (we're making our own as opposed to buying one). Has anyone done this costume before or have suggestions for us? Thanks