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  1. Halloween Props
    Custom Trike for Attraction Line Entertainment Estimated ETA: June Current: awaiting axle 36' Axle w/ 20" Tires -Delivered 20" Tires -Possible front end Electric Tire Bench Seat Battery Air Reservoir w/quick connect -sneak up scares would be difficult...
  2. General Halloween
    I didn't see a thread yet for this fantastic store so I thought I would start one! Today they put out a sneak peak/preview video of what they will have in stores this year!
  3. General Halloween
    As a kid in the early 70's...I was between 8-12 years old....During October..my friends and I would sneak out at night and visit local grave yards, sneak into old abandon homes or stay out in the woods near the old swamp all night...it was creepy,scary and a ton of fun....do kids still do such...
  4. General Halloween
    Rogers Gardens in Southern CA will have their big Halloween reveal tomorrow 9/4. Here is a sneak peak of their before and after pictures on their blog- http://rogersgardens.com/behind-the-curtain-halloween-2015-tickets-please/#comment-13185 Check out their videos on youtube, they are just...
  5. Halloween Props
    Spirit Halloween has just released videos of their first two sneak peeks of 2015, and they are both dolls. Here are the videos: Personally, I think the animation on both of these look pretty cheap. I'm not really all that in to haunted dolls for my display, but I'm sure some people are. Both...
1-6 of 9 Results