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  1. Woodcraft DIY, House Of Horror with a $200 budget.

    Halloween Crafts
    Hi, This is my first post on the forum, and I'll have to admit that i found this at the very last minute. I work as a teacher for kids who are 16-20 years old and we decided to build our own "House Of Horror" as project for Halloween. I will here share what we did, and also how we did it. Both...
  2. Help Needed: Tengchang 1500w Low Lying Smoke Fog Dry Ice Effect Machine

    General Halloween
    So I purchased this Tengchang 1500w low lying fog machine as it was reviewed as being one of the best on the market, but when I got it there was no instruction manual. I contacted the seller but there appears to be a language barrier. So here are my questions, do I unscrew the back panel to...
  3. Fog: Need help with my smoke machine.

    Halloween Props
    Hi all, I recently purchased the "LED 500 Fog Machine", however when I turn it on it heats up but it is not producing smoke. I've used the remote etc but it just isn't working. Both the remote and machine are on. Please help
  4. Fog: Instant smoke effect

    Halloween Props
    Hi, I've been planning to build a cannon for a while now but I still haven't decided on how to make smoke come out of it. I want this cannon to look like it's firing so I need a quick blast of smoke coming out of the end which is synchronised with audio and pneumatics. I'm also planning to...
  5. Mechanical: Any ideas??

    Halloween Props
    Hello everyone. I have a coffin (yes a real one) in my hearse that I am planning to hook up to a smoke machine. The problem is getting the coffin to open without me having to manually do it.
  6. Prop Showcase: pirate ship cannon

    Halloween Props
    Hi there from the Netherlands Its been a while since i last posted something but i have been working for this years pirate halloween display. i have made a pirate cannon which shoots smoke from the barrel. i am pretty content with how it worked out but there is always room for improvement. i...
  7. Mechanical: Giant smoke rings

    Halloween Props
    I stumbled across this video on youtube the other day and I think I'll have to add it to my to do list for this year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgZZTUQP3L4
  8. Electronic/Software: DIY Wifi Controlled Props

    Halloween Props
    After Halloween this year, Santa made it abundantly clear I'm on the naughty list. Originally this made me a bit sad, but then I realized I should focus that energy toward building some of my own toys. Sometimes I want to trigger props when I see kids come up or ring the door bell. Having the...
  9. Costume Smoke or Fog Ideas?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Has anyone come up with a solution to produce smoke/fog from a costume? About to give up after a month of searching. Portable battery powered fog machines are way out of budget. Not needing to make smoke clouds, just enough to simulate a smoldering effect. Thanks for any input.
  10. Looking at a set of American DJ VF1000 1000W Mobile fog machines with wire / wireless

    Merchant Reviews
    I was looking on flea bay and they have a package deal with 2 of these fog machines for$124.99. This American DJ Co. are they a good Co. to buy from with good products? I got out my 2 - 1000W smoke machines and my 1 - 400W smoke machine from JUNK Spirit Halloween store from last year and they...
  11. Fog control

    General Halloween
    Hi, Last year I made a maze and a section looked like this This whas taken during construction, I had a bit more finishing on the end. There was also a strobe light This year this section will be more decorated with vines and corn and stuff to give it more of a dense overgrown...
  12. haunted Soap

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Yes, I said haunted soap. As in using soaps that will add realism to a costume. Like many home haunters, I really appreciate a good costume and good decorations with lots of details. :cool: There is nothing worse than a fabulous make up only to have naked hands. :o Or an authentic costume with...
  13. Electronic/Software: Fog machine + LED = flame thrower?

    Halloween Props
    A few days ago, I came across a video of a moving head with a built-in fog machine. The light shining through the plume of smoke made it look like a flame thrower, the effect was pretty realistic. Of course, this thing is pretty expensive (about 2000 euro), but I think it wouldn't be too hard to...
  14. Can I mount a smoke machine under my wheelchair?

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey guys/gals, Since becoming paralyzed a few years ago, my Halloween costumes have become a bit more creative, because I now have a wheelchair and a service dog to decorate :p. Last year, I transformed my wheelchair into the Royal Carriage and dressed my service dog as the Queen's Guard (guys...
  15. Fog: Halloween Pirate Cannon

    Halloween Props
    After 8 weeks battling the heat in the garage, I wanted to share some photos of the newly finished Pirate Cannon. Just a few details - she's modeled after a 17th Century French, 18-pound artillery piece. At 7 feet long, she fires with smoke, light, and a neatly hidden subwoofer that shakes...
  16. Atmosphere Effects: Mad scientist lab smoke for experiments

    Halloween Props
    Help, My theme this year is a mad scientist laboratory with a table of static experiments, test tubes, petri dishes etc I planned to use dryice to create smoke, but I found out that it is hard to come by and have to buy it in fairly large quantity and it is not cheap. Does anyone know of...
  17. Gday!

    Member Introduction
    Hi guys, sorry couldn't help myself with the title of the thread. My names Daniel and I've been lurking around for a while watching what's going on. Halloween is just starting to get bigger in Australia with more and more stuff available ever year! This year will be our 3rd Halloween...
  18. train man needs help with fog machine

    Halloween Props
    HI TO ALL I WOULD PUBIICY LIKE TO THANK LARRY MCKENZIE FOR ALL HIS HELP . i need your help .i have a stage ape jungle baby 400w fog machine been useing them for 13 years bought from cheap lights they no longer carry them i have four that dont work and im looking for a repair shop in the dallas...
  19. Static: My Exploding Fuse Panel, with controls

    Halloween Props
    Here is my version of the exploding fuse panel. I have integrated fog with mine to make a smoke effect. Let me know what you guys think.
  20. King Fire

    General Halloween
    I didn't see a thread on this before so I was wondering: Is anyone here affected by the King Fire in California? By disaster means, I am affected very little but so many people have lost so much and so close to our favorite holiday. My worst problem, other than the breathing problems it causes...