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  1. The Hunt

    Literature and Role-Playing
    -The Rhine, 1214- Spear, check. Sword, check. Crossbow and bolts, check. Wilhelm was ready for the hunt. He left his home at sunset, with knowledge that it would be easier to find the beast at night, creeping into the woods. He held his helmet in the crook of his arm so he could stay alert for...
  2. Something smells....

    General Halloween
    Ok...so I am looking to order some fragrance oils again this year for our foggers, but I am stuck on what to get. We are doing a witch/harvest theme and beyond "campfire" I am lost. I have heard of patchouli as a witchy fragrance but truth be told I've no clue what it smells like. Suggestions...
  3. Who loves Thanksgiving?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Does this post make sense for this sub-forum? Anyway, who LOVES T'giving? I love it so much...it's still fall, it's crisp...delicious smells, wonderful warm kitchen/dining room, planning the table...planning the decor for the table...I love it.
  4. Atmosphere Effects: Anyone know how to safely recreate the smell of gasoline/petrol?

    Halloween Props
    Hi there I help a restaurant with their Halloween event and every year the same loyal guests book tickets - consequently we have to reinvent our event every year and 'up the ante'! This year my character will be less like a monster and more like a brutal, unhinged human - I'd like to douse...
  5. smell that takes you straight to Halloween

    General Halloween
    For me its the smell of a cheap rubber mask, chocolate candy cause we only usually got it around holidays and there is just a smell in the air here in the great smokey mountains that just makes you aware that it is fall and time for ghosts to star roaming in preparation for that great night to...