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  1. Slimer window 2019.jpg

    Slimer projection in my window.
  2. General Halloween
    Been working on this idea for a while. I've taken an old Ecto 1 remote controlled car with lights and siren that a guy modified to add more lights and wanted to mount it to one of my trains for Halloween. The trick was it had to be high enough to get around the other trains since I've got 3...
  3. Halloween Props
    So in 2016 we decided to do Ghostbusters. Please note that we were not inspired by the dung-heap of a remake (or whatever that was) that recently came out, but we typically pick our themes several years in advance. I grew up loving the original for what it was and just wanted to pay tribute...
  4. Halloween Props
    I started some testing this week. I would like to make my windows or white front door look like it has been hit with very visible green slime. Any thoughts on what to try? Slimer is going to go under the window on the left and not on the sidewalk. I have a set of these in green I could put...
  5. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hello everyone, Im planning a Ghostbusters theme birthday party for my 8 year old little girl. Shes a die hard fan and I want to make it special. I have some ideas for games and the cake but Im drawing blanks on most everything else. If you have an idea or know of a sweet rescipe that would fit...
  6. Halloween Props
    Ghost Busters Slimer I made by carving sheets of pink foam and painting it to make it look more 3D.
  7. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Well, seeing that this year is the 25th Anniversary of the classic comedy, GHOSTBUSTERS, I decided to build my own prop Proton Pack, the main tool of the Ghostbusting trade :) Anyone else plan on doing it this year? It's not very hard; but it does help to have some skill w/ power tools :D It...
1-9 of 9 Results