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  1. I'm Back..... From Tennessee

    Member Introduction
    This is my first post. When I first signed up to the forum I had a slight family problem. Now I'm single and back to learn some spooky ideals from you all. I have some tombstones, about 15 I think, that I made out of the cutouts of the insulated metal doors and painted. I have a few things but...
  2. Atmosphere Effects: My 2018 Projection Mapping Attempt on the house

    Halloween Props
    Hi Everybody, Here is the street view of this year's attempt. Apologies, the camera still doesn't do the actual presentation justice.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dy2395tk6hk&t=177s This year's inspiration.. - AtmosFx Halloween Monster Bash, -A dance recital song (Pitbull's Fireball)...
  3. I need more time

    General Halloween
    24 days until Halloween and so much left to do. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Okay just some slight panicking. Back to finishing like a mad women.
  4. Mechanical: AWFG Build

    Halloween Props
    Preliminary test and tune of my first AWFG was successful today despite the heat and humidity! Had a few hiccups but those were ironed out relatively easy. I have it to the point now that I can run the track string at any speed with no issues. I did make a quick stand in ghost using a plastic...
  5. Pneumatic: Slight upgrade to my MIB

    Halloween Props
    Made a slight upgrade to my MIB, added some hands and improved the rocking motion a bit. I built this several years ago and it's still one of my favorites, the scares I get with it never get old!
  6. Prop Showcase: Dragon test

    Halloween Props
    Ok, After a week of messing around with manual controls, bike brakes and everything else I could think of, I am finally getting results I was looking for. The answer was one air cylinder, a heavy duty hinge and some slight swaying by the operator... will work on the neck cover and the final...