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  1. Full size headless horse man

    Full size headless horse man

  2. Sleepy Hollow Scarecrow

    Halloween Props
    Scarecrow made with PVC pipe and coat hangers with the severed head of Ichabod Crane. The coat hanger arms could be removed for storage. And their was no real wood included. The head and grave are attached to the scarecrow. so are the pumpkin parts. I sold this prop, but I have learned a lot of...
  3. Large Foam Pumpkins

    Wanted to Buy
    Hi all! Has anyone come across large, round foam pumpkins this year? I need one that is at least 12" round and tall or possibly a little bigger. Seems like all the ones I've seen so far are oval or small round ones, usually only about 8" or so. The one I currently have is 10 years old and...
  4. Prop Showcase: Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

    Halloween Props
    Ichabod Crane, Katrina Van Tassel, Hessian Soldier. Sorry for the poor image quality. I think I need to go back over the lettering in black to make it stand out.
  5. New Halloween Tattoo - Legend Of Sleepy Hallow

    General Halloween
    Thought some here might be into this... Done in 2 sessions. Some fresh, some healed. Not a great pic. but you get the idea. I have one more mini-session on my inner arm and any touch-ups if need on the rest when it's healed.
  6. The Headless Horseman

    My favorite Halloween folk tale......... Here are a few video clips.....