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skull archway

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  1. Halloween Props
    This was my first larger Halloween project. I see a few things to change / fix but for my first attempt I feel I did pretty good. Hope you like. Supplies used: 1x2x8 – 8ea Peg board 4 x 8 – 1ea Screws & Staples (as needed) Pipe insulation foam 1/2” x 6’ – 3ea Spray Foam – 8 cans Gray Spray...
  2. Skull Archway Display

    Primed and ready to go Got my skin on Let's mount up Waiting Full Install - Just Hanging Around 2012 - Original Install with dollar store skulls (I really didn't know what the hell I was doing) 2013 - Upgrades with new skull clusters 2019 - Updated curtain material
1-2 of 2 Results