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  1. Halloween Props
    For those with the Home Depot Skeleton horse with the saddle and a rider, how are you getting the Skelton rider to stay on the saddle? For the last 2 years, I have used fishing line in all sorts of ways to make it stay, even then a small breeze causes it to topple over. Any insight and...
  2. General Halloween
    As an antidote to all the overly cute "elf on a shelf" stuff floating around, (gawd have you seen the guy who poses as a real life version? Is there no dignity left?) I decided that I would create "skeleton on the shelf". I am also a heavy Christmas decorator, and the idea occurred to me the...
  3. Halloween Props
    well I think the horse is done now just to do the finishing touches on the hearse then start the coffin any Ideas??
  4. Halloween Props
    ok trying this again sorry did not see it posted
1-4 of 4 Results