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  1. Halloween Props
    Hey, Everybody. The skeletons I typically find for sale around Halloween are rather limited in terms of their freedom of joint movement. This really limits posing options. Are (affordable) skelly’s available with ball and socket joints? Do folks somehow hack the cheap skelly joints to get the...
  2. General Halloween
    For those that missed it last year or didn't want to pay full price, that mermaid skelly is on sale at Oriental Trading! $49.98! https://s7.orientaltrading.com/is/image/OrientalTrading/PDP_VIEWER_IMAGE/the-original-mermaid-life-size-skeleton-halloween-decor~13810898
  3. Halloween Props
    I am hoping to get few ideas to add to my Skelly No Petting Zoo Hallway for the kids in tiwn . I need to make a No Petting Zoo sign and maybe tombstines with about each anumsl and add more props. Best place is here get ideas. Thanks I will post a few pics .
  4. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi All.....wow...it's been awhile since I've logged on to say hello! Looks like alot of you are so organized this year with your party planning! I'm still struggling, and can use your suggestions if you have any! 13th year for this party.....have tons of skeletons and pvc people, fabric...
  5. Halloween Props
    This is my pneumatic version of a Skelly Coffin Groundbreaker. It's a work in progress, static portion is complete, still have to do the controls and audio. Top of the coffin is 42", the top of the skelly's head is at 3 feet. He's mounted to a 4-bar linkage that when triggered, he jumps out and...
  6. General Halloween
    A visitor decided to YouTube part of my yard. Too bad the sound isn't captured - large speakers playing haunting music and the lights activate in accordance with the sounds. The vid omits the graveyard section and some props that hide in the bushes and move and do stuff when people come by...
  7. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Like new Skelly Terror from Poison Props located in Daphne, AL (36526). I purchased this new in 2016, used it 2 nights (Halloween night 2016 & 2017). Might consider trades but would rather sell unless you have a Poison Werewolf Bush Lunger. video here @ 35 second mark...
  8. Halloween Props
    I'm just finishing my "Evil scientist" lab and am getting ready to move on to the skeletons I'll need. As this is the first year since contracting the Halloween bug I'm in the dark over the best source for skeletons. Michaels had theirs on sale for $48. I've seen them from ~$40 to $100+. What...
  9. Halloween Props
    So.... I finally used the 2 bags of bone that have been collecting dust since 2011. This is what I came up with.
  10. Halloween Props
    Just finished up a really simple Leering Skelly. Saw these cedar half barrels at Menards for $22 with rebate and had to make something with it. I used the vinegar-water-steel wool-instant coffee mixture to weather the barrel. This is a typical Pose-N-Stay Skelly, the spine is really thin so I...
  11. Halloween Props
    Taking advantage of some great weather and already working on props for next year. Came up with a very simple design for a Skelly Swing using a wiper motor and PWM speed control. Dialed down the speed to about 22 rpm. The motor is mounted directly on the swing mech so everything is one assembly...
  12. Halloween Props
    Hey Everyone! I'm planning on buildind a coffin for my Walgreens Skelly. I also have a Grandin Road Glow in the dark skelly. Unfortunately, they are all in storage miles away... Would anyone happen to have one (or both :D) nearby that they could supply me with their actual dimensions (HxWxD) at...
  13. Halloween Props
    I walked into Goodwill right as the clerk put a brand new pose and stay skelly on display. Ten bucks! Yippee!!! But I've been staring at it wondering what to do with it. I want creative, I want wow. What have you all done to your skellys?
  14. General Halloween
    Hi guys this is my fist attempt at weathering/ antiqueing a skelly. I used a rite aid skelly with light up eyes and the paint was an old brown and some shellac. Tell we what you think.
  15. Halloween Props
    I got the most awesome prop today! It's called The Skeleton Phone! It looks like an old phone and when you click on one of the button-thingies it rings. You pick it up and it says..."I know who you are...", "I'm coming for you...", "I'll take you beyond the grave" or another bone-rattlingly...
  16. Halloween Props
    post all your skelly photos here
  17. Halloween Props
    started a new project this weekend, hopefully i'll have it done tomorrow evening, maybe lol. i've got a limited range of movement cuz the coffin top is so small, but i still have around 50 deg of movement.
  18. Halloween Props
    Ok, so first attempt at corpsing a skelly. I started with a Wally I have from a few years ago ($40 at walgreens), and used the Stiltbeast method Its not quite done yet, but I'm liking the effect so far. Didn't take too many pictures as I was going through the process, but best advice: TAKE...
  19. Halloween Props
    This oversized and fairly accurate blow mold skellie was given to us by one of our neighbors at the end of the haunt last year, she is about 5 foot 6.:D:D I decided to bind her up and shroud her and then shred the shroud and stain it like she had been dug up. Bone-ita by Don and Monica Riney...
  20. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I have two Gemmy Window Leechers for sale. This is an older Gemmy prop about 9'' x 5" with plastic faces and cloth "hood". From what I can gather they came out in 2008. They have only been used on two Halloween nights when I would put them in the window of my car while parked in the driveway...
1-20 of 23 Results