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  1. Got Delusions?

    General Halloween
    I imagine that many of us have delusions about time. Oh sure! I can totally build a dozen tombstones the weekend before Halloween! My delusion is in not leaving enough time to prep the treat give-away and instead of having a great game set-up, I just end up handing out treats without much...
  2. Time is running out! What are you working on right now?!?!

    General Halloween
    Yeah I put stuff out mid September usually so I'm already feeling a bit of a crunch to catch up since I didn't get anything done this past winter. Tonight I am planning to paint the eyes and do shading on some new glow-in-the-dark skellies I got for the blacklight area of the graveyard. Also...
  3. World market 2017

    General Halloween
    https://www.worldmarket.com/category/holiday/halloween.do?c=116735.117375&sortby=ourPicksAscend&page=all Oh goodness the skellies!
  4. What do you want???

    General Halloween
    I know we haven't really seen anything for this year yet but what is on your wish list? gonna need some skellies..maybe as many as 6 and.. i would LOVE to have this:
  5. Static: Pose N Stay Skellies - Target

    Halloween Props
    Target is carrying pose n stay Skellies this year for $40. I was there last Friday and there were about 8 or so. Went back last night and got the last one!
  6. Static: Plasticorpsing!

    Halloween Props
    Plasticorpsing: an effect so realistic it even scares other skellies!
  7. Costco to accept Visa starting June20 --

    General Halloween
    For those of you that buy costco halloween stuff, they are finally ditching american express and going with VISA at the retail stores. Now, if they only have skellies this year...we are good to GO!!
  8. Mechanical: Leering Skeleton Columns mostly completed

    Halloween Props
    I posted a test of one of these the otherday here they are basically finished. I just need to add the lanterns and I will probably Corpse up the skellies a little. ENJOY!!!
  9. pose N stay skellies at buycostumes.com

    General Halloween
    posted this in props section as well. thought i's share this. I got 2 yesterday. at buycostumes.com they have 5' skellies for 39.99 ea. shipping is 4.99 or free if you spend $60 but if you put in code bcsummer you get an addition $10 off per skellie. don't know the quality of the skelly until...
  10. 2015 Costco Skeletons and decorations

    General Halloween
    Anyone on here work for Costco? If so, any words as to if and when they will carry skeletons in 2015? I thought in the past, there were a couple people who were able to give us a heads up.
  11. Poseable Skellies Wanted

    Wanted to Buy
    I sold almost all of my Halloween props, including three Walgreens poseable skellies in preparation of retiring to Panama. Things didn't work out so I'm still in CA and looking to get back into haunting. I'm looking to start over on a couple of props and need 2-3 poseable skellies such as...
  12. Hi ho .. Hi ho .. Back to the storage unit they go!

    General Halloween
    They look so sad, don't they? It's been fun skellies, see you same time next year! :cool:
  13. Best Price & Best Brand of Pose N Stay Skellies

    General Halloween
    I'm new to the pose n stay skelly thing...what is the best price and brand (or store name) to get the pose n stay skellies from? Thanks for any advice!
  14. Static: Hey UK Haunters: Costco Skellies now in stock!

    Halloween Props
    Just a heads up for the UK haunt fraternity. Costco Pose n stay skellies are now in stock at £34.99 incl VAT. Snap 'em up quick as they're sure to go fast and you'll be seeing them on e-bay or Amazon for £70.00 plus very shortly, no doubt.