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  1. Halloween Props
    The Hillbillies Buster Band. Get your skeleton today, $2,650 (each skeleton) free shipping. We sell custom animatronics and Electronic Shooting galleries since 1979. We custom build our skeletons, you can buy 1, or a whole gang... Pirates, Hillbillies, Cowboys... you can use them to greet...
  2. DIY Skelton Corpsing - Burned Look

    Cool method for corpsing your Halloween skeletons.... Mix school glue with water (about 1:3) ratio. Then using a paint brush brush the mixture onto your skeleton and cover wet areas with paper napkins. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the coverage... Once dried, paint over the...
  3. Halloween Props
    Hello! I am trying to find a way to make some five foot posable skeletons stand up. I know halloweencostumes.com has a stand but I got one and it doesn't work well. Does anyone have any input. Thanks!
  4. Wanted to Buy
    Looking for the old rubber skeleton for a specific project in mind. I think he’s 5 feet tall. Here’s a pic of what I had in mind to do if you have one you aren’t using, message me and let me know $ you want. if you are interested in trading- let me know what you are looking for.
  5. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I am selling three corpses inspired by Pumpkinrot to anyone in the Southern California area. Shipping via delivery would be too hard and expensive, so I can drive them directly to you myself. All three corpses feature $200 human skull replicas for added realism. The corpse bodies are made out...
  6. Wanted to Buy
    I've been looking for cheap blow mold skeletons, "bluckies," (if you don't know what I mean check the picture below) but haven't been able to find any this year. I've checked several websites and went to the only Spirit Halloween near me, which has sold them every year before. There's a Party...
  7. General Halloween
    My yard is finally starting to come together, so I wanted to share some pictures! I still have a few more scenes I want to set up but I've run out of skeletons. >_< Today's task is adding lighting and music!
  8. Halloween Props
    We've just had this skeleton delivered, and although it looks OK, i decided to attempt to give it an aged look. I've brushed on an oil based wood stain (jacobean wallnut), left for a while, thin stipple it with a sponge. This is work in progress, so i'm hoping it will dry properly, and not stay...
  9. Halloween Props
    Hi! We got a new 12ft skelly this year and my husband and I are excited to set him up, but usually I'm the one who comes up with the layout of our yard each year and I'm wondering a few things about adding this giant into our display. FYI, we have multiple trees in our front yard so our...
  10. Halloween Props
    SO...I scored a 12-foot skeleton in-store at HD this year, and I'm very excited. Found one on the floor just as they were bringing them out! (y) BUT...I put the thing together, and the EYES DON'T WORK! I tried the power cord, I tried batteries --- Nothing. Anyone else have problems with the...
  11. Halloween Props
    For our Druid Temple area in the haunt, we needed LOTS of skulls!!! All kinds of different skulls. But we also didn't want to break the bank. So I decided to make a skull mold and cast a bunch of skulls in plaster and cement, etc. My first attempts at a skull mold were disastrous. I tried a 2...
  12. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi all! Looking for any and all help in building a skeleton which raises it's shirt like it flashing for Mardi Gras beads for a NOLA themed Halloween party. Suggestion? Thanks in advance!
  13. Halloween Props
    Greetings! I am looking for a full-size skeleton that is a little bit closer to 6' tall, to replace me in a performance that I am going to be premiering at a Haunters convention and will probably keep in my repertoire. The basic gist is that I will climb into an empty coffin, and it will then...
  14. Wanted to Buy
    Anyone happen to have a large size CREEPSHOW Poster Skeleton for sale or know where I could get one? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
1-17 of 405 Results