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  1. Chainsaw prop

    Halloween Props
    I wanna knw how to make a fake chainsaw for halloween night to scare the trick or treaters and im not sure whats best
  2. The Hamilton Pirate House 2011

    General Halloween
    Ahoy fellow haunters! A shot across the bow from behind the Orange Curtain (Costa Mesa, CA). The weather this Halloween was crisp & clear but the turnout was shockingly low. I guess the churches & schools are winning. Of course, that'll never stop us from building! Here are some pictures from...
  3. Static: My 2009 Halloween Pirate Display (pics/movies)

    Halloween Props
    Well another year passed and my pro haunt (Haunted Corn) didn't happen again so I decided to upgrade my pirate display a bit. Please let me know what you think. Here's the 2.0 version of my skeleton pirate costume. I figured the costume shouldn't look too new so I heavily distressed it using...