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  1. General Halloween
    Found this online a few years ago. Owner guessed it sang bad to the bone but was uncertain
    Hey Spooky People! This isn't so much a request for a tutorial as it is a "am I going about this correctly" guide. The entrance to our haunt is a sort of fall-down-the-rabbit-hole type deal. I want to build a rock arch similar to this: It's not going to be that wide as I only have about 5'...
  3. Halloween Props
    A couple days ago I get a message on FB that went a little something like this....."Hey do ya want a free airplane?" So of course I responded with "Hell Yes!" Now I'm the proud owner of a Fisher 303 ultralight. :) It's approx 75% complete needing the skin, motor and gauges. Came with all the...
  4. General Halloween
    I'm working on this year's yard decorations and I could use some help. Our theme this year will be the Skeletal Apocalypse and the basic plan is to have as many skeletons as possible climbing all over the house, roof and coming our of our front yard apparently bent on gaining access to the...
  5. General Halloween
    Any info is helpful, thanks! I found a use for them on the 30th, way too late to find any...but I'd like to get a pair for next year!
  6. Makeup
    How to do makeup for a bat? I don't want to look like a cat! Any ideas? I might end up just using my skeletal bat idea but I'd like to know how should I do regular animal bat makeup. Thanks!
1-6 of 6 Results