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  1. Halloween Props
    I love Jack O'Lanterns and I just never have enough! We have a big front yard that needs...subtle, fun haunting for families and young kids. Something magical. I want to create a pumpkin patch of sorts, all full of different faces etc that my kids and I carve. In the past, on a small scale...
  2. Wanted to Buy
    hi I'm looking to buy any gemmy items that have this style green of box/tag, as long as the box is in good condition please no life sizes, Dm me if you have anything
  3. Halloween Props
    Just a suggestion for metal linkage for your props. I know you can use a variety of things like pvc, metal, aluminum, wood or even string. I just bought these 1/4" thick by 3/4" wide aluminum bars. All 12" long. You can input all kind of sizes or lengths on Ebay. I got 10 for $18 free...
  4. General Halloween
    Hello everybody. I recently created my account here and thought I should introduce myself. I'm a 39yo father of 2 amazing kids who are, just as myself, totally into Halloween. Last year I put up some window projections using some old LED projectors and AtmosfearFX video material (zombie...
  5. Member Introduction
    Hey gang, Really pleased to be here with fellow haunters. I've been involved in building and running haunted houses of various styles and sizes since I was a kid and look forward to comparing notes and ideas with you all. All the best, Matt
  6. Halloween Props
    I have a bunch of cardboard boxes in various sizes - most are diaper boxes, but there are a few larger and smaller sizes. I'd like to use them somehow. I'm open to anything, although we are doing a wedding scene this year. They will have to be waterproofed somehow, as they will be used in our...
  7. General Halloween
    Showcase your Halloween props found in trash or dumpster, I have found around 3 life sizes myself and tons of blow molds and lit Christmas figures
  8. Wanted to Buy
    I am looking for almost all Gemmy life sizes. I will be specifically looking for Count Vigor, Doctor Shivers, and the Quivering a Doorman. If you have any Gemmy life sizes, please send me a private message. Thanks
  9. Wanted to Buy
    I am looking for the following Gemmy Halloween life sizes. If you have them, please send me a private message. Thanks
1-9 of 10 Results