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  1. General Halloween
    Maybe you guys can help me. I'm an experienced haunter and run a walkthrough haunt every year but i am new to the website game and am looking for some partners that would like to sponsor a link to my site and in return i will sponsor a link to your site. if anyone is interested let me know.
  2. General Halloween
    I know we have a Halloween Card thread and a Vampy Valentine thread is there a Christmas/Krumpus card list? I know there is a list on some Christmas sister site but I'm not on it and so was hoping there is one on this site and I' just missing it.
  3. Halloween Props
    I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. We appreciate all the participation everyone brings to this site all year. Always inspiring! Some pictures of our 2014 decorations. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h7rmiwnqmgfls7g/AAA9HEgK1hJEw-vK4B6QM8vqa?dl=0
  4. Member Introduction
    Hi, My name is Alex. Just joined the site, looks awesome! Thanks!
  5. Member Introduction
    Hi everyone I'm Krissieboo, looking forward to joining you all on this site.
  6. hi

    Member Introduction
    hi, I'm Amy. I'm married and a mum to 3 boys. I love parties and go way out for Halloween compaired to my neighbours n friends. We have a party every year. I found this site by chance whilst looking for some pics on google.
  7. Halloween Props
    Was not really in the festive mood this year, but after visiting several sites like Pumpkinrot, and this site, which I watched (Old Man Bakke - On how to build a cauldron - You are genius by the way! I was pumped and ready to go. With only 6 weeks out, I was able to pull by yard haunt off...
    I built the puppet master prop according to two different ones on this site. Now that I have the wiper motor hooked up, a large washer with three holes drilled and the fishing line run, the wires get tangled. I'm not sure what I did wrong since they look like the others on the site. I ran the...
  9. Member Introduction
    Love this site, its inspiring to! I love halloween all year round, Im also interested in the paranormal, reading, movies, crafts,animals, oh just about anything! i have a site penchanted.tictail.com i make halloween stuff and protective spiritual things so this site makes my brain click alot...
  10. Member Introduction
    I have been reading this site for a long time and now am part of this community! Have loved Halloween since I was a kid and want to make sure kids today have good memories of Halloween too.
  11. Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Hi all, As a long time member here I wanted to offer you a discount on my temporary tattoo makeup effects site. Use the code: HF20 to get 20% off your order now through Halloween. Check out our site here: http://www.fxtattoo.com These zombie tattoos are great for costumes or for applying to...
  12. Member Introduction
    New Member to the forum... but not to Halloween! So glad to have found this site! ~Fallen
  13. Member Introduction
    Not sure if I should be here. My daughter is the one who throws adult Halloween parties every year. I just help create crafts to decorate her party each Halloween. She's interested in obtaining A. Granger/The Cackling Cauldron's potion labels. I saw the labels on site but don't know how to...
  14. Member Introduction
    Just wanted to say hi and I"m glad I found this forum so I"ve now got 365+ days to plan and add things for next years halloween display. This site and its users gives me great inspiration of what can be created even by a beginner
  15. General Halloween
    Was talking about Halloween with a buddy of mine at work who was getting his haunt ready, I suggested him check this site out. I haven't realized it's been 3 years since my accident here...
  16. Member Introduction
    Hello, I stumbled upon this forum looking for tips on building out my eye mechs for a skull I am making. My name is Dave, used to help out at a haunt in Southern California. Before that, I grew up turning my parents house into a haunt for my sisters birthday, which was 2 days before...
  17. Member Introduction
    Hello everyone, I'm a halloween fanatic who loves to build props and talk halloween all year round. I'm excited to have found this site and can't wait to get and share ideas that can bring halloween to a whole new level!!
  18. Halloween Props
    I found this site that may be of use to those of you needing electrical parts to repair your animated props . http://www.karlssonrobotics.com/cart/
  19. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Found the photo on pinterest but with no direction to the original site. Anyone know how it's done? Must need to find a chocolate mold of some sorts.
  20. Halloween Crafts
    here is the link to the full VACCHETTA deck, there is another one on another site but it is missing a page of cards. this particular deck can be hand colored or watercolored in. http://www.scribd.com/doc/4893253/Vacchetta-Deck i have this saved in my files if you cannot download, pm me and...