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  1. Member Introduction
    Hey all, I found this site looking for some DIY halloween decorations on Pinterest and loved it so much I decided to register! Really looking forward to all the great ideas posted around the site. I've always been really into Halloween but I've never made my own decorations until this year. I'm...
  2. Member Introduction
    Yay what an awesome site! I wish I had known about this site years ago! I'd like to thank you all ahead of time for all the inspiration! I look forward to being a member and getting to know y'all :D.
  3. General Halloween
    Last weekend we had our annual Camping Harvest Fest at a local state park here in Michigan. This was our 13th year and a full house as usual. I historically would setup a very large graveyard and it was a great hit. I have to admit I was getting tired so we camped last year but didn’t setup...
  4. Wanted to Buy
    Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy of Rona the Ghost Maid or something similar? I think it originally came from Better Haunts and Gardens, but there site doesn't seem to be up anymore. I would love to have a copy for our Haunted Hotel Halloween party!
  5. Halloween Music
    Better grab 'em soon! There only available for the month of October! http://www.halloweenhitswebsite.com/index.htm
  6. Member Introduction
    I'm new to the site and just wanted to say Hi.
  7. Halloween Props
    Hey guys, I have been using Atmos DVDs for years. Far before they started distributing in Home Depot. My setup utilizes nine projectors. It was an honor to be featured on their site this week. New this year for me is a fog screen and talking skull. Can't wait...
  8. Member Introduction
    [/Hello I just found this community and it seems like a neat place to visit! I was born on Halloween so this site is good to see posts from others who also love Halloween like I do.:D:o:)
  9. Member Introduction
    I am so glad to have come across this site! It is always great to be able to chat and brainstorm with people that have a common passion. I am part of a great group from the morrisstreetcemetery.com. Each year we put together a haunted house and collect donations for our food bank here in our...
  10. Member Introduction
    Just got redirected from pinterest as I was looking for game ideas, I'm so glad I found this site
  11. Halloween Props
    anyone else get the last email from fright props. Had this cool take on the ouija board. but I cant find it on their site. the string of lights, lite up one at a time spelling out fright props"
  12. Halloween Props
    This would have been posted way back in march but life kind of got in the way. Links to my site and facebook below where you can find more pictures :)
  13. Member Introduction
    I just found this site today, and I've been lurking for a bit, so far I seriously love this site.
  14. Forum News and Rules
    Hi everybody! This is Larry. I launched HalloweenForum.com in 2002. Some of you may be aware; my health has limited the time that I can spend on working on the forum. I am very excited to announce that the forum has been acquired by an awesome company called VerticalScope. They are...
  15. Halloween Music
    Anyone know the name of the song/artist that once played on the old Grim Stitch Factory site?
  16. Member Introduction
    I've been a fan of this site for many years. Halloween is my favorite holiday and like many on this site, I prefer to build my own props instead of buying them. I'm planning on hosting a Halloween party at a ranch I board my horses at and I'm fortunate to have an awesome large area all to...
  17. Member Introduction
    I've been lurking in the shadows around this site for a couple years now, thought I'd finally join and say the decorations / props / displays on here are inspiring, more than once I've used ideas I've gotten from this site, so thank you everyone! Looking forward to contributing to a few of the...
  18. Links
    In no particular order ( sorry for the mess, I will edit as soon as I figure out how to hyperlink) ☆[GRANDINROAD]( http://www.grandinroad.com/halloween-haven/shop-all-halloween) ☆[BIGLOTS]( http://www.biglots.com/search/?Ntt=Halloween#?No=0&Ntt=Halloween&Nrpp=999) ☆[DESIGNTOSCANO](...
  19. Boo

    Member Introduction
    Hi, my name is Sara, I have 4 kids in my home who lives Halloween just as much as me. I've often followed pins to articles on this site and have finally decided to join in the fun.
  20. Member Introduction
    Hello im Junior and I joined to site to see what all the other Halloween things this site