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    Here it is! Volume 2 of my Ultimate Halloween Mixes! Chock full of movie tv spots,local happy halloween tv adverts,halloween commercials,and much,much more! 8 hours of goodies! Check it out! Download while you can and share! this link is only a week long time limit due to the site! In The...
  2. General Halloween
    Hi all! I've lurked here for years and just really started collecting what I need for doing my own home haunt. One thing I've noticed is it takes a lot of research and going through old posts to find what I am looking for to accomplish certain things or find certain items or sales. I've...
  3. General Halloween
    Good day all, does anyone else in here do Halloween weekends at campgrounds? We decorated for th the first time this year after visiting last year and seeing all the cool campsites. Ours was pretty crowded this year but we got a way bigger site for next year and I'm going all out :)
  4. Member Introduction
    Hi, I just found this site as well as the Facebook page. I can't wait to peruse all the posts and indulge myself in the holiday goodies posted here. De :D
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    I'm working on some things to add to my Halloween web site and even after much research I'm not having much luck, have any of you come across any information on when Haunters started bringing cemeteries into their Halloween displays, how that got started? When it came about was it started by a...
  6. General Halloween
    hello everyone i just joined this site. I'm Freakshow The Clown and i have been haunter for a few years now. i work for a charity haunt that the money goes to restore a historical sights. i do have a small budget every year. I am looking for ideas for a room. it is a black light fun house full...
  7. Member Introduction
    Thanks for creating this site and thanks for adding me! I'm a prop builder,artist and musician and am excited about this forum. Happy Halloween every-BODY!!!
  8. Member Introduction
    Hi y'all! I just stumbled upon this site while looking for some potion bottle ideas. This is awesome! I love all things fall and my favorite holiday is Halloween. I love to craft, but I'm really not that great. I just have fun decorating my house and yard. Thank you for all of your ideas in...
  9. Member Introduction
    New member, happy to find other people who are as crazy about Halloween as I am!: Trying to navigate the site. Is there somewhere to post bio information?
  10. Member Introduction
    New to the site. Having a Pirate Party the weekend before Halloween and I'm looking for some projects to make. I saw the cannon with the fog machine which I will try to make and looking forward to posting my ideas soon so I can share with the forum. :)
  11. Member Introduction
    New here, just wondering if anyone knows of a good product for sealing haunt decorations? Looking for something that is water based. Thanks
  12. Member Introduction
    Hello! Love this site and the fun ideas. I have a haunted house that my park group does for our city so on here to share ideas and fun cheap solutions to our haunted house. We keep it at 5$ for our community and collect food for our food shelf. hi to everyone!
  13. Member Introduction
    Hello, Found this site doing a search for a Halloween Forum. Love decorating though I've scaled it down to a more simple decor. Decorated many years with vintage and collectible items. I did the Halloween village, Telco Motionettes, etc. Love the hunt for those unusual items to decorate with...
  14. Member Introduction
    I love creating scary and unique outdoor Halloween displays, and now with two young kids I am making it a true family affair. I intend on setting up a small web site with some ideas and tutorials for how to create pro looking displays on a very slim budget.
  15. Member Introduction
    Wanted to swing in and say hi. I am a life-long horror fan who in recent years started doing larger and larger Halloween parties. This will be my first year doing a haunted trail and this site and it's members have been invaluable to my efforts. Hello all and thanks for sharing all the amazing...
  16. Member Introduction
    Hello all! I’ve been creeping the forum for years so I decided to sign up. I bought my first house about 2 years ago and already started a yearly Halloween party at our place. This site has been a huge inspiration for everything. I look forward to haunting these boards with everyone...
  17. Halloween Props
    The brainiacs on this site use science and math. I have to see it. Its been on the to do list for some time but I finally got around to making some "Learning Sticks" I can play with before I cut metal. a good site for Basic Animation Mechanisms is: http://www.scaryguys.com/mech.htm
  18. Member Introduction
    Hi, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to this awesome site. Thanks! I'm sure I will love it here! :)
  19. Links
    I think one of the worst losses for our haunt community was when Perfessor Evil passed away unexpectedly and his comprehensive AMAZING build tutorial site hauntproject.com went down. We lost so much stuff when that site went dark. :( Dudeamis (over on our sister site Haunt Forum) collected much...
  20. General Halloween
    There is some incredible stuff on this site! Like this : https://www.lesquelet.com/products/helix-ossuary-spine-candlestick-holder?variant=46592313679 and these: https://www.lesquelet.com/collections/statues/products/headless-horseman-statue...