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  1. My party is tomorrow!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    My party is tomorrow and I have so much to do! I started decorating a month ago and only have hanging spider egg sacks in the bathroom. Im going to use red lighting in there as well as spider webs and spiders. I have a sound activated lantern on the sink. Is that enough for the bathroom?
  2. Other: UV water dyes

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone tried UV dyes in water fountains to make the water glow? If so, is it worth while? If not UV dyes, what other items get the best bloody results? My asylum doctor is going to have a sink nearby that will be pumping water. (might have gone over board with the 1/2HP pump - it was...
  3. Static: Need a faux sink

    Halloween Props
    Any ideas on how to make a lightweight faux sink for my butcher scene? I don’t want to use a real sink for several reasons but I’m stumped! Would appreciate all your thoughts and ideas. Happy haunting!
  4. Happy April Fools Day!

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Happy April Fools Day! ? Anyone have any epic pranks for the day?!?! First .. We prank big time here and our sense of humor is 'wrong' .. So if easily offended, back out now. Lol I've gotten everyone besides my youngest. ? First the oh so classic piece of cellophane tape on the sink...
  5. Blood sprayer or Squirter

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Ok everyone, I know you all are thinking "Oh come on there are a million different ways to make it look like someone is bleeding or dripping blood" Well yes, thats true...but I need something more. I have a scene at my haunted trail that is made up to look like a kitchen. I have a stove, a...