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  1. Other: Halloween 2010

    Halloween Props
    I hope this is the right place to post.here is my Halloween 2010 pics the Simpsons "Yard of Horror" all of them are sculpted using air dry clay except for Homer but get this some of my neighbors complained saying it was indecent, so when December came around I gave them indecent. I put out an...
  2. Krusty the Clown vs Simpsons Couch Treehouse of Horrors III

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Check out my simpsons inspired Costume. Full tutorial can be found on instructables.com
  3. Burger King Again Offering 'Simpsons' Halloween Figuresl

    General Halloween
    http://tv.yahoo.com/news/burger-king-again-offering-simpsons-halloween-figuresl-172700136.html For a few years there, Burger King was offering little collectibles along with their kids' meals that spotlighted "The Simpsons" annual Treehouse of Horror Halloween special. Then they stopped. Well...