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  1. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Salutations and greetings all! This year, instead of hosting a traditional party, I will be doing a handful of Halloween/Samhain-themed one-shot Dungeons & Dragons games. Some will be far spookier and creepier than others, but all will be fun and will have a LOT of silly and fun props and loot...
  2. General Halloween
    Okay, I do have too much Halloween stuff (although I'm still not admitting to it on Matrixmom's OGBA thread-so by saying it here it really doesn't count. Hee!) I have been accumulating Halloween decorations for 30+ years-much of it vintage but there are newer Dept.56, Radko, Glitterville...
  3. Haunted Humor
    Why didn't the butcher do stand up comedy? He wasn't CLEAVER enough! What is a vampires favorite shape? Trifangle What do you call a werewolf that likes to garden? A Hairy Potter
  4. Haunted Humor
    I just... THEM. THEM. THEM!!!!!! PERFECTION. Has to do with Halloween because zombies.
1-4 of 5 Results