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  1. Halloween Props
    Hi Everyone! I'm trying to make an outdoor display this year using black painted plywood and backlighting to create a silhouetted display for our front yard. The idea is to create something dramatic and reusable that doesn't require a lot of setup or breakdown time year after year. Will post...
  2. Halloween Props
    I had seen this silhouette here on the forums, and decided to scale it down and see if I could make it work over my fireplace.....Considering this is the first Halloween decoration / prop I ever made, I am VERY happy with how this turned out.....
  3. General Halloween
    Flickr Photo Set: https://www.flickr.com/gp/filialunadesigns/U5x4Dk Video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/PgnNCFR_MU4 Hope you all had an amazing season! - P
  4. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    I'm sure someone has thought of this before but I've never seen it discussed anywhere. I've only seen projectors being used for video effects. John Hyers and AtmosfearFX material comes to mind. The basic concept here, however, is that projectors can be used to project images onto another...
  5. Halloween Props
    "Bad, bad kitty!!! Leave my yarn ball alone!!" I saw this type of prop at GrandinRoad.com one day last year during Halloween season, and decided to make it myself out of plywood and PVC (for support from behind). Only took a day to make them -- she is almost 5 feet tall. Any one else make...
  6. For Sale By Merchants
    A papercut silhouette of Edgar Allen Poe. A one-of-a kind, hand made piece. It is approximately 2 3/4 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches tall, cut out of acid-free, archival quality silhouette paper, black on one side, white on the reverse. Unmounted, it will be shipped in a protective sleeve. Keep...
1-6 of 6 Results