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  1. 2018 Pros and Cons

    General Halloween
    I haven’t seen this started yet, if it has I’ll pull this one down. What worked this year for you. What did you change or improve? What were the things that you broke your arm patting yourself on the back for? What didn’t work? What got kicked to try later bin? Weather is always a...
  2. Static: Scare, CROW

    Halloween Props
    Not sold on the name yet. Had this idea rattling in my head for at least a year, and though we're scaling well back this year, I still wanted to get this one built. Had use it or lose it situation on my vacation, so taking a few days off and getting a couple hours to work in the new air...
  3. Remote control Crawling Zombie

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Works fine, goes left, right, forward and reverse vert very slowly and groans the whole time. Fun, but you need to watch it and get the remote in a sight line to work. $75.00 plus shipping. Also put a Ghost Face Killer prop on ebay, will make a deal for HF members...
  4. Help, Hinder, or Non-Factor?

    General Halloween
    Your friends and family, that is. I have greatly appreciated family help on and around the Day with things like stuffing, sorting, and counting treat bags and helping with distribution during TOT. The rest is pretty much just my project and passion. For that reason, I try to keep things out...
  5. Okay, How many kids came this year?

    General Halloween
    This year was perfect weather, finally, on a Friday, and we had a DISSAPOINTING 200ish kids and teens and total. We were expecting 500 at least... Everyone I talked too was shock how little kids was this year. Maybe they had lots of parties and such... AND we had 50 to 75 family skip our...
  6. Beautiful sight for people like us! Bats!!

    General Halloween
  7. Hello From Maryland

    Member Introduction
    I recently came across this sight searching for ideas to improve my Homemade Halloween Props. This sight is amazing! So many great ideas I have gotten, and it is nice to finally see that there are other people out there obsessed with Halloween like myself. I keep many of my decorations up year...