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  1. Haunters: The Art of the Scare (aka Haunters The Movie)

    General Halloween
    Just watched this on Netflix (finally). I was surprised I couldn't dig up a thread on it here on the forums. I was so excited to see another documentary on haunters... A second chance to maybe show off that we all aren't completely crazy. Nope, it mainly focused on one crazy guy with his...
  2. Mechanical: PMW Pulse Motor Controller + Recorder

    Halloween Props
    I'm going to build a "Monster in a box" prop this year. Actually it will be a "Monster in a Coffin" but the effect will be similar. I want to use the prop controller from Monster Guts in my title. I don't want the controller however to be triggered, but to run continuously on a loop. Fright...
  3. Static: Rotting Head

    Halloween Props
    I made a rotting head using the shop towel and latex corpsing method. Figured I should make yet another tutorial video while I was at it. I'm going to make a second, even more rotted head that will be missing the lower jaw. Both of mine will be impaled on a stick or stake, but you can make them...
  4. Is something wrong with the Notifier emails?

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Hi all, I used to get emails faithfully about any post I made or any that I contributed to. It was great. However, during the last two weeks, they have disappeared. I know that there are things being posted, because I added a new request for help out there, and I have to return to see who has...
  5. Christmas vs. Halloween Reboot

    General Halloween
    This video shows the 2018 reboot of a Halloween light show first done in 2012. The lighting and music were orchestrated with Light-o-Rama controllers and software running 90-some circuits. There's a brief glimpse of the tombstone flippers and spinner featured in proof-of-concept videos posted...
  6. Ever Feel Like...

    General Halloween
    Do you ever feel that with all of the prep that we haunters do every October, that we are somehow missing out on the Halloween going on all around us? I sometimes do... feeling a little like Charlie Brown's sister Sally:"HALLOWEEN IS OVER AND I MISSED IT!" Don't get me wrong - I LOVE being...
  7. Mechanical: Motor movements and prop ideas

    Halloween Props
    Any good website or thread here shows a bunch of motor movement ideas, particularly electric motors and props? Looking for ideas and linkage ideas to start making props for 2019. Been out of the Haunted house hobby for 9 years. Maybe air powered too, just not sure. Thanks
  8. Nightmare City Halloween 2018

    Halloween Music
    Nightmare City Halloween Live Pre-Show 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Then, The Brand New Live 40th Annual Nightmare City Halloween 2018 Airs 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM Featuring All New Music Never Before Played On The Show!!! Catch THE BEST OF NIGHTMARE CITY HALLOWEEN throughout the month of October on SIYS...
  9. Electronic/Software: Build a Talking Skeleton (Tutorial)

    Halloween Props
    This video shows you how to automate the jaw of a cheap plastic skeleton using a servo and how to add some glowing eyes with a couple of LEDs:

    For Sale By Merchants
    The Blinking Bogeymen sleep during the day and come alive at night!!!! NEW RELEASE FOR HALLOWEEN 2018: The Blinking Bogeymen are 14 pairs of Red LED Lights with a custom made blinking pattern. This is a hard to find product. Due to Customers Demand, the Blinking Bogeymen are designed to look...
  11. Can't get access to the album photo I just added

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I added a new photo to my 2018 album (a skeleton monkey). Everything was normal during the upload process. However later when I went to go to open the Halloween Store Items - 2018 album to select the new photo's BB Code, the board software messed up. I can select older uploaded images just fine...
  12. Instrumental Play List Help

    Halloween Music
    Trying to put together a Trick or Treat playlist for this season, and I need some more ideas. I'm leaning towards just doing ominous/creepy instrumental songs. So far I have: - Walking Dead title theme - Halloween movie theme and other various songs from that movie - Exorcist movie theme - It...
  13. Unsolved Mysteries devil worship episode?

    Horror Discussion
    Anyone remember an episode where two guys are watching tv and hear a noise, so they go outside and in the woods. It goes to a cabin and shows people in hoods and dogs. I can't find it anywhere.
  14. 2018 Halloween TV Shows

    General Halloween
    Is it just me or does it seem that there is no new content for Halloween. I loved watching Making Monsters then it was canceled :( HGTV and Travel Channel all had something like the Halloween Crazy series and America's Scariest Halloween Attractions. Last year, it was just reruns of old shows...
  15. My Halloween scarecrow.....

    Member Introduction
    Not very scary but he sure does slow down traffic. Just wanted to share. My album shows the crude way I assembled this guy...
  16. Static: Final witch forest prop of the year

    Halloween Props
    Made one last witch lantern post for the front yard set. Took the pics against a canvas drop cloth so the detail shows up a bit better. Stands about 4 ft tall. http://www.halloweenforum.com/members/jdubbya-albums-witch-lantern-post.html
  17. Rotting Flesh Radio

    General Halloween
    Where can I find old shows of Rotting Flesh Radio?
  18. Halloween Vntage Radio Shows

    Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/dl3amexdisg6zy504aww07b6s53e13j9
  19. Disneyland 60 Special February 21

    Off-Topic Stuff
    You Disney people already know this but just a reminder that ABC is running a two-hour Disneyland special on Sunday celebrating the 60th. I'm a little jaded on these things. I really loved the old specials with Walt where he showed you what they had planned. There wasn't a lot of fluff in...
  20. Television Shows past and present

    General Halloween
    I grew up watching Halloween specials so I love them here are some of my favorites. That I try to watch every year. My top 10 what are yours? Garfeilds Halloween - Kid safe Donald's Scary Tales - Kid safe House of villains - Kid safe Psych - Shawn (And Gus) of the Dead Psych - Tuesday the 17th...