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  1. Static: My newest creation - "The Impaled Corpse"

    Halloween Props
    Started out just wanting to see how detailed I could make a corpsed skeleton, then it evolved into a corpse on a stake, then into a corpse staked on a tree branch with some severed rotting heads alongside. The corpsing was done with latex, shop towel and great stuff. There are a few other odds...
  2. post apocalyptic soldier costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hey friends :) so my son has been wanting a cool costume for a while now, he had showed me something he liked from one of his online games.. Then I found "macabre intentions" who makes these amazing costumes, found them looking at transworld videos.. their costumes are exactly what he wants.. Of...
  3. Ceramic Ghost tealight holders

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello, I've been looking for two tealight holders I had in the late 80's. I've found their smaller versions, but want to find the larger pair. They are from Cannon Falls and came in two sizes: 6-ish inch versions and larger 12-ish inch versions. I am not great at computer manipulation, but I...
  4. Victorian undertaker

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    decided that this year our yard cemetery would be attended by a somewhat over the top undertaker,, the ball in the walking stick glows with the help of a color-changing LED,, the hat creature will get LED eyes and it has a friend that will be coming over the shoulder of the long frock coat that...
  5. Custom Made Pireate Wench Costume with Corset and Wrist Gauntlets - Size 16-26

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Anyone need a new costume this year? It's a custom made pirate wench long skirt, bell-sleeved off the shoulder blouse, red and black striped knickers, over the shoulder corset with two silver skulls and crossbones, and two wrist gauntlets. The skirt is a drawstring waist, so will fit anyone...
  6. Minotaur Help requested

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    Mask Support Help Requested So this is what my husband picked for this year, which is cool but needs a bit of help. I can finagle most anything. Which is good because everything about this needs adjusting. The shoulder piece is HUGE and will need to be taken in. There is no fur around the...
  7. Mechanical: Raggedy Ann Attacks!

    Halloween Props
    Our theme this year is "Scary Tales and Toys." We tried just fairy tales but ran out of ideas. So, in our "Toy Section" we will have this big beautiful girl. She's about 6'5" and I used the motor from one of those noise-activated pop-up grim reaper props (like this one) in her shoulder to make...
  8. Mechanical: Help Modifying Pose N Stay Shoulder

    Halloween Props
    I have a Pose N Stay skeleton from Costco. The arms move forward and back, but I would like to modify them so they can move to the side as well (full movement of the shoulder joint). Has anyone done this? How did you do it? Thank you!
  9. Moving PVC Arms / Shoulder

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Above is a picture of the mechanism, I have provided a how to below
  10. Good Day/Bad Day

    General Halloween
    Some real ups and downs today...went to Michaels and found several Spooky Town items discounted 75% off- the Nightcare, the Grave Digger, the Observatory, and the Trolley! Sweet deal, and most of them were brand-new or only minor cosmetic damage. Added to the Coffin Factory we got on Monday for...