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  1. Static: corpsing barber shop heads

    Halloween Props
    If you've worked with corpsing barber shop heads and have some photos, I'd love to see them. I have several heads I'd like to work on for my first time. Here are a few ideas I had found: http://bascombemania.blogspot.com/2011/09/gearing-up-for-halloween.html
  2. Collecting to Create Halloween Tabletop Displays - Not Just the 2019 Boney Bunch

    General Halloween
    This focus of this thread is on collecting and sharing our tabletop displays. Not just during the collecting season, but also during the off season with finds from thrift stores, garage/yard sales, Ebay, Craigslist, etc. How long and what types of Halloween tabletop, wall, window, and tree...
  3. Where to get 4 ft skeletons

    Wanted to Buy
    I'm looking for a couple child size skeletons, I think 4 feet is about right. Looks like selection (at the right price) is low right now. I've no problem waiting, but if you have any suggestions on where to shop, let me know! Vlad
  4. Static: Rotting Head

    Halloween Props
    I made a rotting head using the shop towel and latex corpsing method. Figured I should make yet another tutorial video while I was at it. I'm going to make a second, even more rotted head that will be missing the lower jaw. Both of mine will be impaled on a stick or stake, but you can make them...
  5. Help please - ideas for extra display

    General Halloween
    Hey everyone, So I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but hey, that appears to be how I do things! We have a big set up this year with a massive yard haunt with a( blood fountain, spider zone, graveyard, tunnel made from 'skin', and various spots for scaring throughout,), a witches...
  6. Best times to shop certain stores for Halloween for max discounts?

    General Halloween
    I am curious if there is a guide for the perfect time to hit the 50%+ discounts for many of the stores. I always hit Spirit November 1st. But what about places like Michael's which is sold out by Nov 1st, or Kirkland, or the big box stores? When are those perfect times without having to drive to...
  7. Electronic/Software: Audio for random props, media player?

    Halloween Props
    For those who have multiple sounds coming from multiple props, what are you doing? Not talking about custom programming all hooked up to computer, etc. Just want to add sound to 2-3 props and have the speaker right by that prop. For example my rocking chair that moves, I want to have a speaker...
  8. Halloween (+ glow in the dark!) nails!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hi all, I sell 100% nail polish strips (no heat, tools, or dry time needed!) that last up to 2 weeks, and just released a Halloween collection that includes two glow in the dark sets! All are buy 3 get 1 free. You can shop here: http://bit.ly/pluckypolishhalloween Bloody Gorgeous...
  9. Prop Showcase: The Emporium

    Halloween Props
    Hello everybody! This is our Halloween project for this year - not quite finished yet, but we are getting close! The shop is 19’x12’ with 10’ ceiling, thought and constructed so that it would be easy to disassemble and move it where we want it for Halloween, but still keep its structural...
  10. Static: Using a childs bike / bicycle as a prop

    Halloween Props
    Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone had ideas on how I might incorporate a childs bike as a prop for Halloween? We have 2 and before I donate them to the 'op shop,' I thought I'd ask here first. I've googled it but the only thing that comes up is a clown on a bike... Thanks in advance...
  11. Static: Scare, CROW

    Halloween Props
    Not sold on the name yet. Had this idea rattling in my head for at least a year, and though we're scaling well back this year, I still wanted to get this one built. Had use it or lose it situation on my vacation, so taking a few days off and getting a couple hours to work in the new air...
  12. Other: Coming to Florida...Where to shop for Halloween

    Halloween Props
    We are coming to Florida for a holiday in August, and I am so excited to be visiting. We are staying on Disney and as part of our holiday on one of our excursions, there is a stop off at the Wal-Mart Supercentre and Florida Mall. I have always to 'Halloween Shop' in the US as you have such a...
  13. Would you rather!?

    Question: Would you rather shop for Halloween from Distortions Unlimited or Frightprops.com?
  14. Saturday Nightmare Fever 2017

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Our theme this year is Saturday Nightmare Fever We do the invitations & our costumes in the theme. Also some reference in the house to the theme. We'll be moving next month & this is the main room - think roller skating !! tables around the outside! Of course our main staple of Shops will...
  15. Other: Creating an alchemist\ wizard shop scene

    Halloween Props
    One of our weaker scenes last year was the Frankie setup. It was just kind of thrown together at the 11th hour by some of the actors and friends. As you can see not much going on and some weird non compatible things like electric zapper lights and flaming braziers( if that's the word). I'm...
  16. CostPlus/World Market - 50% off all halloween sale, Wed. 10/19 Only

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    The CostPlus/WorldMarket site is having 50% off on their entire Halloween Shop. Today only (Wednesday, 10/19). http://www.worldmarket.com Universal Monsters table/serving ware, Dia de los Muertos, classic halloween, kitchen/baking, hanging props, halloween decor, lighting (string and various...
  17. Halloween cookies! Rolling Pins for sale! 27$+shipping

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hello, I want to show you halloween engraved rolling pins. Price only 27$ + shipping cost! We send it by express, maximum 14days delivery. Look my shop and category, halloween: http://www.inmywood.com/?product_cat=halloween On shop many other rolling pins for birthday, christmas or wedding...
  18. 3d printed skeletons with coffee mugs

    General Halloween
    My local makerspace had these adorable skeletons drinking out of coffee mugs. One is being given to a local coffee shop, and the other will hang around here.
  19. Acrylic creature eyes

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hi everyone. here are some pics of a few types of creature eyes I custom make. Airbrushed with a glass iris. You can get these and many more in my etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/GDSFX?ref=hdr_shop_menu
  20. 2016 Spirit Halloween 20% coupon.

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Go forth, shop and be frugal.