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  1. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Thinking of creating a zombie shooting gallery consisting of animatronic zombies with sensor control. Set up would be some type of backstop with nerf guns allowing kids to shoot at them from a marked distance. Anyone ever do anything like this?
  2. Halloween Props
    :D In search of a 2009 Costco hanging bat with an 8ft wing span and light up red eyes, If you have one or know someone who has one, shoot me a message. I'd really like to take this prop off of someone's hands! Thank you.
  3. General Halloween
    Hey gang, Any links or videos on how to start a PVC pipe/ wooden cemetary fence.? Can you guys shoot me in the right direction. I need some serious lego style blue prints for a mega noob. Cheers, Cloak
  4. Halloween Props
    Hey Guys! I just got done with this Halloween Freddy Resin Pumpkin! It is also foam filled! Love the way he came out! Here are a few pics and thanks for looking! These are available so anyone interested can shoot me a pm!
  5. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hey, look, it's a video! Corpsing with house paint and paper towels. It's how I've been doing it for a while. Let me know what you think. I'd like to shoot more of these, if folks enjoy it.
  6. Member Introduction
    ...actually more like the Clark Griswold of Halloween. I'm known for demanding my family's attention for "just 30 seconds" at a time to check out prop progress. During crunch time, showing up unsummoned will likely be met with snarls, grunts or "here, hold this". I'm a total amateur - I cannot...
1-6 of 6 Results