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  1. Halloween Props
    Alien cemetery look like/ This year's theme is ET- Aliens- Area 51. If I can I want to add some "aliens" to my cemetery but am at a loss what an alien society's cemetery might look like. Also pondering what pests they would have on their ships.... Rats are always on sailing ships but what's on...
  2. Halloween Props
    The motor is simply too weak to get the job done. I decided to try and automate my pirate ship's wheel this year and since the Kindy's deer motors appear to be a simple plug and play it seemed like a great fit for this project. So when they came back in stock this year I ordered one. I...
  3. For Sale By Merchants
    He's here! Meet my latest projection effect, the Ghoul! Like my popular lady in a crystal ball effect, Sybil the Clairvoyant, the Ghoul is available both as a DIY external projection kit, and as a pro-quality internally projected character (seen above). He ships with the routine above, as...
  4. Halloween Props
    I would love to follow along. So if anyone is and you are willing to do a kindergarten style tutorial I would be most grateful. I don't have woodworking tools but I do have a motor /controller/ and a real ships wheel. The one I had never quite worked as well as I liked. I have seen several here...
  5. Halloween Props
    Anyone have any suggestions on securing a Ship's mast to the ground? I intend on having a "sail" on it and expect it to be a smidge over 10 feet tall using 3" PVC tubing . Just need some help brainstorming a cheap and safe way to keep it from falling over in my yard :rolleyes: . Thanks in advance.
  6. Wanted to Buy
    Looking for a foam or very light weight Ships Captain Wheel. Would like it to look old and rotten. Cary
1-6 of 6 Results