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  1. Halloween Props
    Hey guys! first post of the year for me. ya, I'm late. been working on a shiatsu prop in between cleaning up for the builds this year. i have to much stuff ha ha! ill go more in depth a bit later but here's what I've got so far. Pretty happy with the out come so far. its been super easy to make...
  2. Halloween Props
    After nine seasons the motor on my shiatsu grabbing zombie finally died. Does anyone know where to source just the electric motor? The rotating shaft assembly is still perfectly fine. Thanks in advance!
  3. Halloween Props
    I have four- count 'em - FOUR "new" thrift store old skool Shiatsu massagers. What to do? What to do? I'd like to concentrate my outdoor display this year - working with a smaller footprint rather than a big cemmie spread out across the front lawn. So I'd like to have a smaller area with...
  4. General Halloween
    This year, I will be on my own for TOT. Therefore, I can't wear my sinister clown costume because of the large shoes, extra padding, and limited vision through the mask. But I love that it always creeps TOTs out and still want to use it somehow, I don't have time for much building- but would...
  5. Halloween Props
    Would a massager like this work? I found a few of these at the thrift store but want to know if this would work before buying and taking apart. All the props i have seen have a different massager.
  6. Halloween Props
    I searched here and googled it with no luck. I think the thread was about Ursula and she had moving tentacles. I want to make some tentacles for my pirate theme. I think that one went a bit more into how to make them and mount them to the shiatsu. I did see a couple other threads here but they...
  7. Halloween Props
    ACME Shiatsu Graveyard Digger Demo I am stoked! The postman just delivered my new ACME graveyard digger.........last one in stock too. In all seriousness. What do you think? It's obviously powered by a shiatsu massager. My son loves the idea and my daughter states it's just plain...
  8. Halloween Props
    Anyone run a prop on it all night? Does it over heat, how long can it run for?
  9. Halloween Props
    Yet another use for a Shiatsu Massager... This will go in our yard haunt this year in the "pallet" room. Along one wall, one of the pallets will have a missing slat. As a TOT walks by these hands will come out through the opening. So far, I think I have about $30 invested in this prop. The...
  10. Halloween Props
    Hey everyone, build time is running out I just finished this walker. Put some hair on the mask and added the spray foam and blood to the bottom section. It has a shiatsu motor in the waist for movement. Upper torso and pants section all move. Thanks, Steve.
  11. Halloween Props
    Hi, I am looking into some simple animatronics for this year, and was looking for inspiration. I know many people use Wiper motors, but I dont really want to go down that route, I don think I will have time to figure out all the wiring etc, and shipping from the US to the UK does not make...
  12. Halloween Props
    Ok. I searched and searched. Without going through countless pages I'm getting frustrated looking. It was a pirate thread where the pirate was a talking skull and had a moving arm mounted to a shiatsu controlled by a lightning simulator. I had it bookmarked on my old iPhone but got a new one and...
  13. Halloween Props
    Here's my attempt at a zombie trying to break out of the grave using a shiatsu massager as the motor. It will sit inside the vault where the skeleton currently is. I'll cover the motor with some type of black or brown fabric to blend in. I won't put him out until Halloween night because he is...
  14. Halloween Props
    Here are some pictures of my yard setup this year. Full view of the house Front porch Spider Shiatsu coffin zombie Ghost My witch The grave yard
  15. Halloween Props
    I have been wanting to build some type of coffin for a few years now and came up with the idea to make a zombie breaking out of one. I used a shiatsu massager to animate him. The zombie is a ground breaker from Halloween Asylum. I have green rope lighting on the inside of the coffin and...
  16. Halloween Props
    Made this with my shiatsu and a foam groundbreaker I had laying around. Put it in the costco half barrel. Really really simple. Surprised myself. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BqfVf1EebXA&feature=youtu.be
  17. Halloween Props
    Ok, I updated my Legless Old Man Walker and added endtrails....
  18. Halloween Props
    Here's my 2010 prop on youtube. Old man with walker but no legs. Walker made of PVC and movement by shiatsu. : )
  19. Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Howdy y'all! We're working out the details for our next make and take in Florida for those who are interested. So far, the tentative date is Feb 14 or 15 and the location is in Edgewater (New Smyrna). A Shiatsu massager prop free-for-all is on the table for the meet. As always, show and...
1-19 of 19 Results